Morrell Jewelry has been creating beautiful jewelry in Boerne for the past 30 years and has garnered a reputation as one of the area’s most skilled and respected artisans in the area. Owned and operated for originally by Dave Morrell, care of the store was eventually transferred to long-time employee, Jeanette Alcazar. Her own love and passion for jewelry design made her a great candidate, but her love for her customers made her the perfect fit.

Morrell Jewelry has strived to keep the same values they have had since opening their doors in 1991. Jeanette Alcazar, owner of the store for the last 9 years is a Texas native and resident in the Boerne area for over forty years. She talked about her journey in growing the business over the last decade, “We have always been supported by the community and have always wanted to take care of our community in turn. Fairness and quality have been our guiding posts. The people of Boerne and its surrounding areas know our reputation and they have continued to come to us for all their jewelry needs.”

Morrell Jewelry’s relationship with the community has continued to remain strong, even throughout the last couple years of hardships with the Covid-19 pandemic: “We even have customers who come in from places like San Antonio or the surrounding hill country area to see us, we have family members who have moved out of state but who call us to help them design engagement rings or pieces with special meanings. That’s really touching and important to us, that people trust us with the moments they really care about.”

Six years ago Alcazar had a vision to move the store to another location for the store to stand on its own in a home that she, her husband and contractor remodeled to reflect the rustic hill country. Since moving in during May of 2016, their expanding customer base has been growing to fit with their expanded location. Morrell Jewelry has had to grow not only their location, but also their services to meet the new trends in the jewelry industry. She explains, “Customer’s have presented us with challenges that we would never have thought of before. We have always done our best to get our customers the very best stones for their budget and have been proud of the pieces we’ve been able to bring in.” The newest trend in the engagement ring industry is lab grown diamonds. Morrell Jewelry has been bringing in these stones for people to make sure they are happy with their rings and to help meet people’s budgets for some really great stones. “We have also been dealing in some really interesting custom designs and have pieces from designers all over the world. We have the expertise and contacts now to work with some extremely rare stones. We were able to bring in one stone that our gemologist said could have been in a museum! It’s been a great journey for us over the last few years to feel like we’re putting our small-town business on the jewelry map and still being able to keep close to the roots of our original values.”

One of the most important things for the business has been continuing to grow while staying in touch with the community and its values that shaped how the business was founded. Alcazar said, “We have never lost our small town charm. I don’t care what size your purchase is, everyone is going to receive the same service and I have always kept those principles. I also must give credit to my Morrell Jewelry employees who I consider to be part of the Morrell family. Each one brings their own unique talent and knowledge to the business and without them our continued business growth would not be possible.

My favorite part, though, is that I’m a people person and I like to know their stories because it helps me provide them with the perfect piece of jewelry. I also love taking their unwanted jewelry and turning it into a piece of art that they want to wear every day. The look on their faces is what I love the most. We have generations of customers – we start off with grandparents, and then go down the family tree. I have held babies that have come back for their engagement rings. It’s so wonderful. It’s such a reward to be part of people’s lives like that.”

Jeanette G. Alcazar
Owner, Morrell Jewelry
(830) 249-4092
134 E. Bandera Rd.
Boerne, TX 78006