Art of the DANCE

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Bringing the art of ballroom dancing to Boerne,TeXas for all ages

Under the auspices of Bertus Stiehle 

A tale as old as time or rather an art as old as time. Dance has been around for many years, thousands of years as a fact, back as far as 8000 BC. The first known act of dance was performed for religious reasons then quickly became for entertainment. The beauty of dance shares many purposes from entertainment to fitness and so much more…

Dance has a language of its own and anyone can speak it fluently. Bertus Stiehler brings a beautiful dance to Boerne, Texas. He has a deep love and education, creating the stage if you will for anyone who wants to dance. Say you can’t dance, well say that no more…Bertus promises that everyone and anyone can dance. Not every dancer will master each level to its max, but every dancer can dance!

Bertus explained that as a young man in higher education, he realized that the girls were drawn to the gentlemen who could dance proficiently.  Bertus knew that to compete for a girl he had to learn to dance and not just learn, but excel at dancing, and so his dancing shoes were acquired and his mystical magical dance career began!

He sought every institute that could propel him to the top of the class, dancing his way to popularity. He attended the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, he traveled Great Britain learning all he could about dancing, which led him to being sponsored as a valuable teacher to come to the states and teach dance. Bertus’ talent and mastery of dance finds him in the high ranking of sought after instructor extraordinaire…one must be the best and bring to the states a level of talent that cannot be found here in order to find a sponsor anxious to support the art and artist!

Bertus is certified through the International Dance Teachers Association. He has been dancing since he was 19 going on 20 years old. He offers dance classes to most everyone. Small children are welcome if they can walk. He says if you can walk then you can dance!!! The performing arts competitions start at about age 6 and by age 30, the stage begins looking for younger fresher performers.

Ministry of Dance, Bertus’ studio, is unique and develops the dancer as well as the dance. Bertus offers dance from Latin and Ballroom dancing at every level. He shared that dancing is not only a beautiful art, but a healthy one as well. Dancing is good for the body, mind and soul. Bertus assures me that the art of dance is the perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways: health, confidence, self-expression, social, relaxation and just plain fun! Ministry of Dance was the perfect choice name for Bertus’ dance venue as the studio has found a home in the Baptist Church building on Main Street…615 S. Main to be exact. Anyone is welcome to come observe, visit, go online at info@mnistryofdance.usa or give him a call at 830-331-2221 to become more familiar with the professionals that Bertus employs. His exceptional staff are comfortable with private lessons, group lessons, being the partner if one does not have one, or just observing and making recommendations. A full service talented dance studio at its finest!

He keeps his class sizes at somewhere between 10-30 dancers to allow full personal attention to each dancer. Dancing is a personal art and can be shared by a couple or several in a line dance…yes they teach line dancing, Waltz, all Ballroom dancing, Latin dancing and so much more. Bertus explained that there are competitions all over the state and many of those taking classes compete successfully and have won many awards.

Attire for dancing is varied…comfortable clothing is necessary and ballroom dancing competitions are formal with beautiful gowns and tuxedos or suits. Bertus provides dance events a couple of times during the month for just a relaxed practice dancing evening. Singles or couples come and dance to their hearts content. Sounds like a fun evening! Check his website for more details. Bertus also has a facebook page Ministry of Dance where all the social information can be found! It is important to note that attire for those events is enforced…dancing should be performed in comfortable shoes or cowboy boots and never in flip flops or even tennis type shoes that may stick to the floor or sloppy attire! Dress for dance success!

Bertus wants to remind current and future dancers that one is not necessarily born with a dance talent but it can most certainly be a learned art! Dancing with the Stars takes its show showcasing talent from professional dance classes such as Bertus’ dance talent proving that dance classes really do provide a spectacular event!

Bertus has been settled in Boerne for the last year and a half and he is impressed by the talent and exposure to dance that he has welcomed into his Ministry of Dance! Whether one is an amateur, pro or just wants to learn the basics of dance, Bertus at Ministry of Dance should be your next contact.

The dancers from Ministry of Dance are available for exhibitions, parties, or practice events. Want to sharpen those dance skills for your wedding or even as a guest at an event? Set up a consultation with Bertus or one of his fine staff and find your bliss!

Bertus taught in California and was exploring other states and options before deciding that Boerne and Texas was a viable option! Covid affected him as it has many others, but Bertus has overcome that obstacle easily…

Bertus is devoted to his love of dance and works from early in the morning around 8 until after 9 pm at night!!! His work ethic is amazing and his talent is spectacular. He has made his accessibility online and in person very easy and contacting him or booking your next adventure is simple. Bertus originally hails “from South Africa and stated that …“America is culturally like my home…different areas of culture and quality exist everywhere…” Bertus strives to be a one stop shop for the art of dancing, if you desire a certain type dance or to learn something new then just discuss it with him as he wants to offer the entire package for the art of dancing. Bertus tries to accommodate every request he gets.

He shared with me that the Ministry of Dance Mission is “to change the world one dance at a time.” This author strongly believes that Bertus can and is doing just that in Boerne  and everywhere his dancers perform. Bertus’ vision is to be the industry leader renowned for integrity and dependability. Ministry of Dance under the leadership of Bertus Stiehler does just that. If you are looking to spice up your life come learn to Salsa, if you are looking to glide across the floor like royalty then come learn to Ballroom dance, if you are looking to add some exercise to your life and be more healthy then just join a dance class and find your bliss in the Ministry of Dance. This author strongly suggests that you just up your social game and see what Bertus has to offer. You just might end up being the life of the party, at the least you will learn some new dance techniques to impress at the next party! We all want to “Dance with Somebody” so put on your dancing shoes and meet at the Ministry of Dance for some amazing fun, you never know who you might meet there!

615 South Main Street – Boerne

(830) 331-2221