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It starts with an idea or thought. Whether it is her spool pincushion jar art, her towel art or something else, the idea is there and the magic begins when she puts the pieces together. 

Artists have a sense of beauty and it is displayed in many different manners. Art can be hung on the wall, set on the counter, decorate the yard, and many other pleasing settings but one that is especially fun is the art that is both decorative and useable! Sally Beer is just that artist extraordinaire!

Sally creates art that is both pleasing and functional. Her creativity is remarkable and she is filled with unique ideas! She creates cute hand towels, kitchen towels, all-purpose towels with adorable applique designs. She also handcrafts small jars filled with buttons or other treasures that double as a pin cushion. Yet, I have fast forwarded to the here and now. I must go back in time and give you some Ms. Sally history. Approximately 40+ years ago, Sally Beer was a stay-at-home mom with a desire to create some magic with her free time. She had a wonderful family that included two small daughters that kept her busy. Her father passed away leaving Sally the owner/proprietor of a charming hardware store. Jumping headfirst into her new found position helped her see some fantastic crafting ideas. She saw the opportunity to use broken store dishes and other ceramic parts to create beautiful mosaic art pieces. Stained glass art also played into her repertoire. More on that a little later. First, these works were simply for personal enjoyment. Soon, customers were requesting her art to purchase and Sally’s art became quite popular in the hardware store. Sally had found not only a creative outlet, but an audience who wanted them for themselves as well. 

Sally had always been a creator, she enjoyed baking and cooking as a child. Her parents and their friends would enjoy an evening out and Sally would enjoy creating homemade goodies for them for dessert when they got home. Her skills resulted in a quite delicious treat that everyone loved. She felt very appreciated and as fulfilled as those who were the enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Sally, by this time, had found an outlet in handmade and homemade craft shows. She found the outlet included stained glass and it was something she could do in the evenings. She and a friend made stained glass angels for a fundraiser for their church.  Ms. Sally discovered her talent also lay in beautiful mosaic tile art which also became popular at craft/art shows. She decorated pots and other containers for her audience to enjoy with plants both live and artificial, as well as other décor choices.   Sally helped her talented mother-in-law for several years embroidering. Assisting with colors and patterns being the eyes and artist in training. Embroidering became a great therapy for Sally after she suffered a stroke. Nevertheless her girls also were exposed to her art and she encouraged their own artistic outlets from their very young age. Her daughters, Lori and Cari, still share their mom’s artistic gene and work at their crafts alongside their mom whenever they can. 

Lori and her husband, Aaron create tools for knitting and crocheting. They also create some awesome crafting boxes. Lori finds unique ways to craft tools such as needles, rulers and other measurement tools for crafters. Cari embellishes  crosses and crafts wrapped silverware art. Her husband, Jeff, is the organizer for all craft shows, doing the packing, hauling, setting up, gophering and all around errand man for the ladies.

Sally and Cari are currently planning a more active show circuit as they add more beautiful crafts to their expressions of art. Sally is now creating pin cushions out of some antique wooden thread spools that she has located.  All of her art is original and unique. Adding this to her awesome towel art, her craft appearances at shows is creating quite a stir. 

She is took a class to learn some of her stained glass art but is mostly self-taught, finding through tried and true methods as well as methods that she created successfully.  She is more than happy to share some of her valuable knowledge with anyone but at this time is not teaching any classes.

Sally is a master of art. Her love of quality homemade/ handcrafted art makes for gifts that will please. Having a history of embroidering, stitching, stained glass, mosaics and so much more makes her art popular and even award winning at shows such as the Kendall County Fair among others.

Sally is a fan of her own original patterns, but searches for unique and popular patterns. She always puts her own touch in each pattern and works with her client to create the perfect art. Sally utilizes a fabric adhering material to the pattern and that secures the foundation for embroidering around for permanent affix. Her commissioned towels are handcrafted with designs that her clients have chosen in both color, design and style. Sally offers a wide variety in her booth at shows that appeal to almost everyone. If you do not see what you like then she can make it! Sally explained that most towel project art takes her several hours to create. It starts with a color and design and then just goes from there. She handcrafts each stitch and creates a work of art fitting a queen or king.

Sally has a private studio that is not open to the public at this time except by appointment needed. She sets consultations with clients to insure what their need and vision is exactly. She is currently setting her show schedule for the year and will be participating in the First United Methodist Church craft fair in November, Oma’s in December and will be assisting at the Spring Fling and just might have a booth showcasing her art.

Oma’s will be in December, the first weekend of the month at the Kendall County Fairgrounds and Sally assured me that the quality of crafters is extraordinary and one certainly should make plans to attend. The Spring Fling will also be at the Kendall County Fairgrounds sometime this month and is also a “not to be missed” event! Sally has been a faithful crafter/artist at the annual First United Methodist Church craft show for over 19 years the second weekend in November.

It starts with an idea or thought. Whether it is her spool pincushion jar art, her towel art or something else, the idea is there and the magic begins when she puts the pieces together.  Sally told me that a thought or idea and the first few stitches with towel applique begin the journey. Whether it is Sally’s spool or towel art working on these projects is relaxing and soothing. She finds her zen in creating and the joy it brings is good for the soul.

Sally creates mostly smaller pieces with her art, as towels and pincushions and they are quite manageable and typically are no larger than eight inches. She has found using chickens as her subject is most fun and the variety and different styles leave the imagination open to an endless choice pattern.

She finds mixing patterns and colors and fabrics exhilarating and it lends unique design to each towel. No two are exactly alike unless that is what the client commissions…

I asked Sally what her most important tools were and she quickly answered…”the brain and imagination!”  She enjoys seeing the art grow from a simple idea to a stitch to a finished artwork. Magic art that brings joy and happiness. Sally has clients from all over the United States and has had some of her art traveling to homes in Oregon and Washington State and other homes as their own or gifts with Winter Texans. 

Sally prefers the indoor shows due to the type of her art. Wind, dust, rain and other elements of nature create a less than ideal backdrop for Sally’s art. She also enjoys shorter shows as one day events are busier and more focused. 

I am sure that all of you have now understood how beautiful her art is and that you should get at least one for yourself and maybe a couple for gifts. Sally invests her time and talent creating gifts that are sure to please anyone. Just a reminder…Mother’s Day is just around the corner in a few weeks and we all want a beautiful unique gift for that special mom!!!  Sally can be reached at 210-269-9913, on her facebook page Lucille Grant Beer, or you can just email her at But however you choose…Give a holler out to Ms. Sally Beer or find her at the Spring Fling and you will be happy you did and so will that special person in your life.