By Ben Schooley

Nancy Frazier, owner of Massage Matters has fast become one of the area’s most popular Massage Therapists. Utilizing her knowledge in her industry, coupled with good ol’ fashioned customer service, Frazier has helped thousands of clients heal quicker as well as simply relax, and her motivations run as deep as the knots in your back.

She begins, “I was a retired flight attendant and then right after that I managed a jewelry shop in New Mexico. I needed a life change, so I moved to Boerne and didn’t know a soul. Oct 2008. The town I was in was so small and I was single, and I prayed about it, and I just asked God to bring me one job. So I looked for months up and down the entire area…and I got one job offer. That job offer was in Boerne.”

Frazier’s job was with a local jeweler, and though she didn’t much want to continue in the jewelry business, it was the job that would get her to Boerne so she did it. She continues, “I wanted to make a change, but the Lord told me to stay in town, and I had been here long enough to get my home which was a big deal for me. So I prayed. I knew I just got here, and I just got this job, but I just didn’t feel at peace about it. A massage school commercial came on and I thought ‘That sounds interesting’. I kept thinking that it looked really interesting, and I knew that if I was going to do this, I needed a sign. I’m in my late 40s, single, in a town I’m unsure about, and this is a big change. I opened my Bible and I came to Isaiah 65:22 which explains “My elect shall long enjoy the work of our hands.” I still get teary-eyed over that. And that was my sign.” She gave her two weeks’ notice and quickly began her schooling.

Upon graduation, she quickly entered the workforce, but knew that business ownership was in her future. “I was working part time at Massage Heights and part time trying to start my own business here. I opened Massage Matters in 2010. Owning my own place wasn’t my original plan, but in learning the business I knew that there was a lot of things that I didn’t want to do in terms of running a business, so my model was sort of the exact opposite of every other massage business. Robert Mata (local masseuse) was my mentor here locally and he really taught me a lot.”

As her business has grown, her knowledge has grown, and so has her inspiration for what she does. “I love seeing the surprise on people’s faces when people come in with an ailment and we can use massage to repair those things in oftentimes one visit. The surprise of how good they can feel when they leave after being in so much pain upon their arrival is really rewarding.”

Furthermore, many of the techniques that she uses at Massage Matters are truly cutting edge, and certainly assist you with more than just a sore back. “There have been many people that we have seen that were on their way to get surgery that don’t have to get it now. They have been to endless amounts of Physical Therapy and don’t require it any more. We look at the range of motions and assist them with improvement. Clients tend to hear simply “injections or surgery” as it comes to ailments. We gradually work on that shoulder to increase the range of motion. We have many different techniques, like the cupping that was all over the Olympics, and we’ve been doing that since we opened. That’s what I like about myself and my staff, is that we’re probably in the top 10% in a 100 mile radius of the most educated and therapeutic group out there – that’s what sets us apart. We do an insane amount of Continuing Ed. Our education never stops.”

As her business has become known, she has grown an appreciation for Boerne that is widely shared. “At first I was panicked about opening a business in a small town, but I knew the power of word of mouth. I would see businesses collapse every quarter and it was terrifying to see so many fail in town in my early days. I think that if you treat people like family they will come back, and they are excited to be back, and they’re going to bring their family. We have a tremendous amount of families coming in, and that is a testament to the quality of our service. We treat them like family, and they are loyal forever. Some places charge you for an hour massage for what is really a 50 min service, leaving only 10 minutes for them to get you out, shake your hands, and move on to the next client. We allow 30 minutes between clients just so that we can talk to you, get to know you, allow you to take your time changing, and really understand what is going on your life. I know them very well, and it gives us the ability to work with you about all aspects of their lives. Sometimes people just want to talk to you, and we want to be there for that and not rush them.”

Nancy Frazier has taken a happenstance commercial on TV and found a passion that is highly rewarding, not only for her, but for her clients. Through the leaps of faith that ultimately brought her to the city she loves, she continues to build on that foundation of service, knowledge, and dedication in the most rewarding ways possible.

Massage Matters
930 E. Blanco #800
Boerne Texas 78006