by Deva Moore

Artists touch every one’s soul in a different and earth shattering way!!! Susan Die and her art fit that bill perfectly…one might say her art is to “die” for definitely!!! The beautiful magic that Susan creates with her art is spectacular!!! Susan began her career in art as most artists do…as a child drawing, coloring and creating. She knew her art would always be in her future!

Sue has lived in the Comfort area for more than 7 years. She and her husband had purchased property 10 years ago for their retirement but retire is as far as it can be for Susan and her husband!! Susan’s work can be seen at the Carriage House Gallery in Boerne at 110 Rosewood Avenue in Boerne. Carriage house showcases many exceptional artists and Susan is no exception. She is a fused glass artist with many additional talents. Fused glass is not stained glass but a process of joining compatible sheets of glass and heating in a kiln to get a piece of art that is a colorful dynamic artwork that is strong and stress free, fashionable and can be a usable dishes. Jewelry, decorative dishes or simply art as a wall hanging, tile or anything else one wants to own glass art. Susan has a remarkable history and lots of learning but she is proud of the fact that she is self- taught for most of her knowledge.

Susan has a vast education history and most of it is self-taught researching, learning and application. She began her artistic commercial journey as an adult with her sister making jewelry. Susan and her sister found jewelry an art they enjoyed. Wire wrapping was researched and learned and her pieces are astounding. She mixes wire wrapping with her fused glass to create magnificent pieces of wearable art. She finds a process that she wants to learn and educates herself on all of the processes and fine tunes til she is happy with her results!!! She researches online, she reads books and expands her knowledge in any way she can. She is currently excited to be attending class/workshop in Canada very soon!!! Susan is very quick and being self- taught is amazing for sure but she is ever increasing her knowledge and experience!

She loves the fused glass for its complexity and simplicity. Susan finds it rewarding but she does not teach classes as yet. She mentors for those who want to learn and offers advice and shares her learning extensively.

Fused glass is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced. Using glass in various forms, from powdered to sheet, wet or dry and she is now exploring glass enamels. Susan creates glass pieces that are both functional and exhibit worthy. Susan loves bold colors and while her art can be slumped or framed and then processed in the kiln for an appropriate time and many pieces require multiple kiln visits til it is what she wants!! She told me that on some projects it is a one and done in the kiln… The glass and its components must be of a certain quality and the integrity of the finished piece is crucial. She is drawn to the “sciency” aspect. Susan offers her art for sale and also does commission work. Just give her a call at 281-797-3719 or contact the Carriage House Gallery at 830-248-1184. Susan has some of her jewelry in the Museum of Western Art gift shop in Kerrville and she encourages everyone to visit and enjoy the museum. The curator is an awesome gentleman and has definitely jumped the game up in that venue. Her education includes the aforementioned self- taught and her degree in Computer Science. If Susan sees something that piques her interest and she wants to master it…she does!!! She finds online training helpful and there is lots of information available. Susan told me that “Interested people inspire me!”

Susan recently has had her husband interested in creating art with her and he has created some beautiful wooden bases that display her fused glass art and add to the stability and design. He works in birch, mesquite and cedar. The result has been amazing!! Check it out!!! Susan also displays at the Gallery in Corpus Christi called Studio C. She does not currently have a public studio but a private one in her home. When Susan works in her studio, she sometimes plays some music and tends to rock to Tom Petty or other rock music. Some days she just prefers to create in a quiet environment with no background “clutter”. Susan has a process that she employs when developing a project. First she gels an idea around her head for several days, then she assembles the material in the colors she desires. At that point, Susan begans cutting her glass sheets and adding her frit which is the glass pieces to create the design she has envisioned. She finds that some pieces she does only need one session in the kiln and many others may take 3-4 kiln sessions to complete the design. Susan said that it is important that the pieces are strong and sturdy and resilient after their time in the kiln. She perfects an artwork that offer longevity and beauty for durability.

The tools for this art are vast and sometimes as simple as saran wrap! Susan is adept at glass cutters, grinders, kilns and more. She works with frit which is crushed glass pieces, glass enamels, tiny glass, glass sheets, and sheet glass. Temperatures in the kiln range from 1250 to 1500 so one must know what they are doing to work in the kiln!! Susan encourages children and loves their enthusiasm but warns that supervision is a must and some steps are not suggested for children.

Susan is a very busy woman and if her art projects were not enough to fill her time, she also is an active member of the Comfort Table Food Pantry. They provide a meal on Wednesdays. They also have deliveries for food needs and such that Susan participates in weekly. It is important to note Susan’s selfless investment to her community. But this author did find that Susan is not comfortable talking about herself or her accomplishments! But accomplished she is! She told me “she likes to talk about everything but me!”
This brings me to where you can meet or see Susan Die…she will be exhibiting on Saturday September 7 at the Comfort Art Fest and at the Texas State Art Fair in Ingram on September 24 and 25. Both fun events you should not miss!

Susan has been covered with an entertaining article in The Comfort News.

While Susan’s art has found homes in Ohio, Texas and Florida, you can find her art and buy at one of the Galleries or by visiting her website at, Find her on facebook at Colour2Die4. Do not miss one of her outlets to get a feel of the beauty of Susan’s art. I am certain you will find one of her pieces that you cannot live without. Or a piece for a gift for that special someone!
One of her favorite pieces that Susan has created is a flower garden although she likes everything she completes and some pieces have not and will not make it out of her home! Susan has created windows for clients in their home and she enjoys the beauty of her pieces and always wants them to encourage touching. She loves abstracts the fused glass gives her. Susan has a love for landscapes and nature and employs them in much of her work. Some of her favorite pieces are bowls, her batik bowls.

As you can see Susan Die is quite a talented artist and one you should definitely check out!!! For some beautiful fused glass art to just “die” for visit the Gallery, check out the museum in Kerrville or visit one of her social sites.