MOORE ON ART: Bradley Smith and his Team


by Deva Moore

Smith Metal Builders

Art has many different ways to entertain, amuse, exhibit and enjoy. Bradley Smith and his extremely talented crew of artisans can accomplish all of these emotions and more. The really amazing feature of this is that they start with an idea or more importantly…Your idea! Bradley is the creative force behind Smith Metal Builders. He is a man of many talents. He had a quite successful career in the medical industry and one day saw an opportunity to expand his toolbox of abilities and Trophy Metal Art was born. After an energetic several years, Bradley was brainstorming one day and Smith Metal Builders was created. The transition was clear and smooth. The Trophy Metal Art business focused on signs, metal art signs, lighted signs and more. Bradley had all that and so much more to offer and as he mapped out an artistic path to success he knew there was more than an artistic need he could fulfill quite expertly.

Bradley began searching for crew members who could handle his vision with expertise and find them he did! Smith Metal Builders are a custom full service metal art business. They are a one stop metal builders artist shop that can handle your art project from a tiny idea on a paper napkin to a fully engineered blueprint with detailed execution. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Bradley Smith has made Boerne Texas his home for the last 5 years. He began offering his unique art in the Hill Country 5 years ago and his clientele has grown dramatically. Artistic signs are all over Boerne and they have Trophy Metal Art signature quality emblazed in every step. Signs on gates, commercial signs, directional signs, statement signs and they all have Bradley Smith quality. Mr Smith and his crew ensure that everything he and his company create is of the highest quality at the best price. The plans, materials and the workmanship undergo numerous quality standard checks throughout the process and Smith Metal Builders focus on the customer’s expectations and desires with every step of art creation.

Customers who are looking for that special work of art for their own enjoyment find Smith Metal Builders is the best option. Small gifts such as signs for the exceptional wedding gift to the long desired but never got around to it decorative electric gate to barndominiums to the business sign to metal buildings to well… anything custom, Smith Metal Builders does not disappoint! They make beautiful metal art that lasts for years! Having professional fabricators makes the difference in a job done well and just doing a job!

The metal art and fabrication created by Bradley and his experienced crew not only last for years but are functional pieces and buildings to envy. Bradley assured this author that all of their pieces are made from the highest quality metals including steel, aluminum, Copper, Corten and so much more. They powder coat for longevity and durability and it also looks amazing! Bradley explained that Smith Metal Builders are pleased to work with other welding and fabrication companies to enhance projects that may require special cut outs or other features that Bradley and his team can offer.

Smith Metal Builders serve the entire Hill Country and the Texas Coast. They offer on-site fabrication and they ship all over the country. First things first though…you, the customer, must have a need or desire for art of your own…a gate, a metal building, a sign, a barndominium, a rodeo arena, a pergola or perhaps something else you have been dreaming of but did not know how to get it done. Bradley his crew can get it done and fabricate anything! When this author inquired on something rather unique that Smith Metal Builders had created, Bradley shared that a couple had a young son who had a special foot. The dad wanted a keychain art piece of the youngster’s foot created so that his wife would always have a piece of their son with her. Bradley and his crew created a beautiful life sized keychain out of exact measurements of the small child’s foot. Dad was impressed, mom was touched and the little boy was nonplussed! To this day mom carries a reminder of their darling little boy with her always. The little boy continues to grow but a moment in time was captured artistically by the master craftsmen at Smith Metal Builders! No job too small no job too large every job just right! If you can dream it Bradley and his fantastic crew can build it!

A couple of larger jobs that Bradley shared were a variety of art works seen daily. The entrance to Ventana, a subdivision in Bulverde and The Spotted Deer Coffee Company of Fair Oaks all exhibit the artistry of Smith Metal Builders and are gorgeous. Drive by and see for yourself! A ranch outside of Boerne has a breathtaking gate which is the proposal that a man organized for the love of his life. He worked with Smith Metal Builders and Bradley to create a gate with his and his now wife’s initials emblazoned on it. The man was waiting when his beautiful love drove up and he used the permanent melded initials to propose to her! Of course she said yes!

A very impressive feature of Smith Metal Builders is the very open public showroom. They recently moved locations and are now happily home in a metal building at 40200 IH10 right next to Garza Masonry. Bradley is very proud of the showroom filled with examples of their work in live exhibits! They are complete with drafting areas, exhibits, consulting areas, design studios, work areas and so much more! An open house event is planned for Friday July 22, 2022 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. This event will host a live band for the public’s entertainment. The band features Dustin De La Garza a crowd pleaser for sure!! Food and drink will be provided. Tusculem Brewing company will provide the adult beverages and Flavor of Home catering will be providing delicious food! If the reader will mention this article and that you saw the open house mentioned in Boerne Explore then you will be rewarded with a free special gift of a sign with your choice of name cut out of steel. Just mention this article to Bradley or one of his crew that evening! They will let you know when it is ready…remember quality is Smith Metal Builders goal! Everything that has Bradley does is custom and the best quality!

It is very simple to own a quality Smith Metal Builders art work! Start with an idea, drawing or design of your own or if you know what you want but you do not draw then Call the number 210-459-9769 and make an appointment at your convenience. Visit with the professionals who can create your dream plan. Bradley employs only the best structural engineering team to ensure that your dream comes true as you vision it. The team at Smith Metal Builders is master of their trade. They are tradesmen of the highest quality welders, fabricators, draftsmen and engineers. As members of the American Welding Society with Credential degrees their customers can be content knowing that each individual team member is qualified and each step of their personal art project is in capable and experienced hands. The Smith Metal Builders are experts at creating structurally sound products from the smallest piece to the largest metal building or barndominium.
Bradley explained some of the processes and artistic art projects that they offer. Smith Metal Builders are one of a few in the Hill Country area that offer precision CNC cut outs. Since Bradley insists on quality, everything is custom and they only use the best materials. They can create custom address plates that are attached to rocks, stucco or bricks. Their shop location allows them access to choice design materials to provide a piece of art that will last for years. The processes that the advanced team has mastered provide a custom piece to be enjoyed for years. The coastal areas are especially pleased with the powder coating process that deters rusting. The use of metals such as aluminum, resist environmental effects that can cause deterioration. Bradley and his master crew can meet any needs or preferences of metal. They can create using aluminum, corten metal, rustic metal, steel and stainless steel. There are no limitations on what Smith Metal Builders can do for your art metal projects! The unique CNC plasma cutter is a wonderful tool that the specialists at Smith Metal Builders are masters at using to create magic.

Bradley and his crew can install your electric gate, provide a gate clicker, make it personalized custom to you, build your home (barndominium), build your metal outbuildings, decorate your gate with metal cut outs, provide an observation deck, create custom signs announcing anything you want, make a keychain resembling a special memory, build some metal art for your yard, well you get the idea…Bradley and his knowledgeable team at Smith Metal Building can do most anything. If you can dream it, they can build it! They also can refinish your current metal art that needs some sprucing up. They welcome other metal art teams to create projects that require special assistance.
Smith Metal Builders are a start to finish team. You can bring your ideas or thoughts to them and their valuable team can provide your art project from a thought to turn key. They employ masters in each step to satisfy all custom quality completion. Put July 22, 2022 on your calendar and attend the open house celebrating the new address location. Remember just by mentioning this article you will receive a free metal sign with any name you choose.
Bradley welcomes visitors to the showroom any time during business hours and you will be in awe. The quality and the wide range of the art that Smith Metal Builders offers is mind blowing. They can be reached at phone 210-459-9769 or email them at address 40200 IH 10 Boerne, Texas. Remember, Bradley says “if you can dream it we can build it!”