MOORE ON ART: Chris Wiggins


 C & C  Lone Star 
 Leather Company 

Every artist starts with talent, a blank canvas and an idea. Chris Wiggins starts with a piece of leather, a highly creative talent and a vision. Chris and his wife, Cristen, are a delightful couple with all of those talents, ideas and visions needed to create beautiful leather work. C & C Lone Star Leather Company was Chris’s vision when he discovered his ability to turn a piece of raw leather into a beautiful artistic craft. Chris only works with high end leather and his creations are quality and last for years. Chris told this author that he fully expects his quality leather work to last more than 100 years.

Leather is as old as time. Primitive man discovered that if he “preserved” a hide or rather used a process that tanned the skins then he could use it for clothing, shelter, shoes and more. The food byproduct was beneficial and the tanning process evolved to a chemical type processing now used today which replaced over 80% of the initial vegetable processing first discovered.

Leather was also instrumental in quality bookbinding and today first editions bound in leather bring extravagant prices at auctions and are still quite popular in bookstores both used and new for their quality and longevity.

Chris is a business analyst by career and has established his name in the corporate world. While he enjoyed reaping the rewards of being a business analyst he knew he was destined for more. He began working with leather approximately 7 years ago. He created belts, earrings and wallets for the farmer’s market and he and Cristen would set up each Saturday. His art products were more popular than he could imagine and their business on Saturdays grew. Chris began creating phone cases, purses and more. He advanced his craft to restoring old leather pieces for his clients who would ask him if he could “fix” their worn leather pieces. Cristen had a designer purse that she was fond of but it needed some repair. Chris took the hardware off of the purse, took the dimensions, made a pattern for leather and soon Cristen’s designer purse was an original that no one can reproduce…unless you are Chris Wiggins and then magically it is made to order!