Justin Watson & Albert Trevino


One of our most treasured possessions is our art. Art that we can display, art that we can choose, art that makes us happy, art that comes to life. Graphix a local art wrapping company owned by Justin Watson is the answer to some of our art desires. His owner artist on staff, Albert Trevino, designs most any art one wants to possess!!! One critical point is that Albert designs the art for display on your transportation. Whether it is your truck, car, trailer or even a sign, he can design the most unique art you want! With technology and Albert’s talent it is a win win for sure!

Justin brainstormed the idea of providing a wrapping service during his rodeo adventures. He traveled around with his trailer, truck and rodeo paraphernalia for his rodeo life. He had various sponsors and affiliates whose names he wanted to support so he found the answer to be a billboard that went everywhere with him. He advertised those businesses that supported him as well as decorative art on his transportation and it was eye candy to everyone who sees it. After some research, Justin knew what he wanted to do…open a business to create beautiful working quality art for others at a price they could afford!!! He teamed up with Albert Trevino, an artist himself and Graphix was born!!! They have enjoyed a successful business in Kendall County for over 7 years making customers happy!!! Justin and Albert are professionals at “wrapping it up”. Justin still finds time to keep his rodeo career alive and well!

Albert has always dabbled in art and was an artist from early in his childhood as a hobby. Albert knew that his ability and penchant for the art world could create most anything a customer would want and as a result he and Justin created an art business that is flourishing today!!!

Mr. Trevino puts his technology knowledge and his artistic design knowledge and his wonderful talent to good work for their customers. The beautiful result impresses and pleases like no other!!!! But first, a little history on the art of wrapping….wrapping for advertising purposes has been around since automobiles were invented at the turn of the 20th century. Yes, that long ago!!!! The first wrapping procedure was extremely expensive, mostly for advertising and the artistic sources were not recognized as yet. Simple, yet durable materials were used to express a thought or idea or business. Basic verbiage with little to no artwork adorned any moving mode of transportation. A moving billboard if you will!!!

The cost of such a piece of art was extremely expensive and not available for the general public unless viewing someone else’s property. During the 1990’s, the art became more readily available for the general society and the unique personalization of the wrapping art was a more wide spread accessibility. Expressing oneself through wrapped art became a thing and many jumped to invest in the latest art scene!! Just picking out a color of an automobile or a trailer one pulls expanded. Now one could choose some favored art to display in public….everyone could enjoy the magic! This art could change with a mood or thought…it could share with the world one’s platform, one’s cause, one’s ideas or one’s favorite artwork. Advertise a business or one’s personal art!

Albert can create most anything to be applied to an auto, trailer or bicycle, well just about anything!!!! The ability to wrap a wall in your home is another feature of Graphix, The wall wrap is an alternative to painting a scene in your home and can also be changed easily when desired!!!! A simple consultation with Graphix gives him the information he needs to make your art desires come to life!!! The vinyl wrap art is durable when taken care of properly and will last for a minimum 3-5 years on outside canvases(autos, trailers) with minimal care. Wrapping with vinyl is extremely durable and protects the paint beneath, is resistant to scratching, warping and ripping!!! The nice feature about using wrapping art is that it is easily removed by professionals and can be changed with the owner’s whim. Some of the more well- known happy Graphix customers include the Wahlberger family who own some food trucks that Graphix has wrapped and many any of the food trucks in Germany are adorned with Justin and Albert’s quality wraps! You may have seen some of the examples pictured in this article around town or the state that the talented staff at Graphix has produced!

Vinyl wrap art is a process which requires special talent and a crew of applicators who understand and are proficient in the art of adhering wrap art. The first step is to contact Graphix and share your idea or vision. Once Albert presents the customer with the final artwork and they are happy to go forward, then the next artistic work begins. The artwork must be adjusted to fit the surface. Albert must ensure that each detail of the art is at its optimum viewing. He must fit the art so that any non- flat surfaces are not going to distort the design or change its appearance. This process requires complete attention to the artwork and its placement on the “canvas”. The next step is to ensure that the “canvas” is completely clean and free of any foreign substance such as dirt, stickers, or anything that may cause the artwork to not adhere properly or smoothly. Measurements must be precise and exact. It is then printed on the vinyl and ready for application. This process ensures the final product is flawless. Justin maintains quality control to the fullest. He and Albert base their business on customer satisfaction and quality control is of the utmost importance.

Tools of the art wrap world are various and must be of the best quality to maintain Graphix’ standards. The first tool is the artistic talent of Albert and Justin’s eye for any blemish or flaw. Their next tool is the crew of trained, professional staff who apply the artwork to the canvas flawlessly. There are many physical tools that are used such as squeegees, scrapers, special washes, trimmers, heat guns and more but one must know how and when to use these tools and Graphix employs only the best in wrapping art services!!!
The process of wrapping an object with Graphix is not an overnight experience. Most medium to large project “canvases” take a week or two to complete. Smaller projects may take less time. It is important to consult with Albert on each project for clarity!!!

This brings us to another facet of the art that Graphix offers…signs!!! Graphix is a fully operational sign company as well. They can provide art for your sign needs. Albert has a toolbox that can bring your sign needs to life. It is important to note that along with signs they also can create artistic banners. Graphix even has a limited staff to install some signs. This can be discussed at consultation. They have the ability to provide small 18×24 size signs all the way up to a billboard size. Albert’s artistic talent can adjust most any need to the size desired!!!

Albert can design artwork to bring just about any art exhibit to life. He has an exemplary resume of talent and he is easily reached! Graphix house professionals can be reached at 830-331-8133 or website, by checking out their facebook page or by email at

Be sure and tell them Boerne Explore sent you!!! All work done by Graphix professional staff is processed and completed in an air conditioned environment under close quality control and prices vary on size and complexity. Nothing is out of the realm of Albert’s talent so do not hesitate to bring it to them!

If you have always dreamed of personalizing your truck or trailer with a quality product that lasts for years then here’s your sign…make that call to Graphix today and make that dream come true!