MOORE ON ART: Jennifer Brown


The moment one sees a piece of art, they immediately think “Could I do that?” Well Yes you can! The personalized signs decorating homes, businesses, yards and other spaces is so popular that Boerne has its very own Board and Brush shop!

Jennifer Brown, a lovely woman with a creative mind and the ability to make your sign dream a reality does just that and more!!! Jennifer has lived in the Boerne area for over 17 years and operated her own franchise of Board and Brush for more than 2 and 1/2 years successfully “decorating” Boerne and surrounding areas with her art.


Jennifer felt she needed a positive change in her life a few years ago and was interested in providing some magic in lives that they could participate in and was a good choice for all ages and all abilities. An art that every ability could be successful and proud of their finished work!! Board and Brush fit that just perfectly. And so the Boerne franchise was born and hit the opening day with a passion that is even stronger today.

Jennifer said, “I did not know how to work power tools or handle the wood so I took workshops”. A quick learner and with the aid of her son, Jennifer soon mastered every aspect and is building their future quickly and prominently!!!

Board and Brush is a franchise opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to own their own art studio. It is a Do It Yourself or DIY workshop where even the most inexperienced artist can create or build on trend, farmhouse classic, inspirational pieces for display. One can combine the woodworking techniques with the latest trends using custom graphics to personalize their own decorative art to show and express ownership.

The beauty of Board and Brush is one does not even have to know which end of the hammer to use or how to run a power tool but by the end of the workshop one knows how to handle tools and takes home a beautiful piece of art that they themselves have created. Jennifer modestly assured me that her clients sometimes leave with a sparkle in their eye and sparkle on their clothes…yes glitter and paint are involved and sometimes extensively. Board and Brush offers a wide variety of patterns, sizes, finishes, colors, glitter, styles and more to make your experience exactly what you want. While the materials are all provided ready to start one can bring their favorite beverage and a willingness to “apply” themselves to make the most of the workshop. Jennifer has access to the top designers from all over the world in Board and Brush’s toolbox of resources to provide you with just want you envision
Workshops are available by appointment only through the Board and Brush website Jennifer explained that it is necessary to sign up for a workshop class at least 24 hours in advance. The evening workshops are 2-3 hours long and an artwork will be completed in that time. Registering in advance allows the artist to choose their design and allows Jennifer to ready the wood so that the artist is ready to apply their own personal creativity to its surface. Stencils, paint, glitter, distressing, sanding with the grain and staining bring the art alive. Vintage art at its best and most personal for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Jennifer’s board and brush art is available for team building, bridal events, parties, children groups, family groups, date night, girl’s night out and even fundraisers. Board and brush started out in the basement studio of the founder’s home as a “Girl’s Night out” and was such a success, they decided to expand and voila! they are now 262 locations in the United States and adding more continually!!!

The special magic of Jennifer and her board and brush is that the variety available to create is exceptional. There are wooden framed signs, wooden boxes to hold goodies by the pool, flag art, other patriotic art, seasonal art, holiday art and so much more. Jennifer shared that popular trends currently are anything patriotic, farmhouse welcome signs, and seasonal signs. Some of the popular choices for seasonal signs are scarecrows and nutcrackers. Each one is unique and special and the end artwork is outstanding!!! Each workshop is an artshow of its own!!!

Excited Yet? Well you should be!!! The first step is to visit Jennifer’s website and go to the sign up portal. Visit the calendar to find a suitable date for your specific workshop. Jennifer offers a wide variety to choose from or design your own evening with a group of your own choosing. Plan a relaxing dinner beforehand that evening and take a beverage of choice along and Enjoy!!! Be sure and give enough notice to your “party” whatever that may be…Jennifer’s studio space is at 206 w highland. She is open for her pubic workshops from 6:30 to 9:30pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Private events can be booked during available time slots as needed. Studio hours are open to the public but it is a working studio and so visits are kept to a minimum. Jennifer is available to answer questions any time at the studio 830-445-4127 if no answer immediately please leave a message and she will return your call promptly…she is probably up to her elbows in sawdust…lol!!!

Jennifer’s studio is quaint and quickly becomes intimate when at its capacity of 26 persons all involved in their personalized projects. The camaraderie, bonding, new and old friends, sharing of ideas makes for a very lively fun escape from the outside world. One must visit the website and confirm a date for adventure at Jennifer’s studio!!!

Jennifer shared that she enjoys the team building groups, the pre-made signs, creating the at home kits that one can order and pick up from her to be completed at home and she loves creating the closing gifts that realtors order for their clients. There is so much available one may have a difficult time choosing!!! But do not let that stop you….you deserve the fun and evening away with a loved one, a group of special family or friends or maybe just a time for yourself.

Jennifer offers music in her studio classes…typically something upbeat and motivational to set the mood and keep the creative juices flowing. Her music is chosen for her artists that specific workshop. Whether it is couples, children or mixed groups the desire to participate by singing along, humming or just keeping the upbeat for motivation, Jennifer likes it all and finds it instrumental in keeping her artists mastering the craft.

Jennifer’s bag of tools also includes creating planters, yard games, door mats and painting on burlap bags. Really there is no true limits to the artist’s creativity and expressions. If one has any questions then they should set up a consult with Jennifer by phone or in her studio or just go online where most questions can be quickly answered. In her studio, Jennifer has ample assistants on workshop times to help any artist quickly answer any questions or offer any advice or just assist using the tools and materials. The desired wood for the projects is pine as it is the most versatile. Jennifer offers everything needed and the artist just shows up at their appointment workshop and after some brief instruction begins to create!!! Porch signs are commonly 12 x 48 and are raw “canvases” to create the magic artwork.

Jennifer’s board and brush is for anyone. There are no special talents and no special skills needed to be an artist extraordinaire!!! Some of the more unique tools available are meat tenderizers, hammers and power drills and one’s imagination. No experience needed and I must repeat this is an art that is easily mastered by anyone.
Take a moment and go online so you too can register for an evening of fun and art that will bring you closer to loved ones, friends and make new friends. Create that special sign or gift for someone special or just your own pleasure…so if you have not signed up yet…Here’s your sign!

Board & Brush
206 W Highland Dr Suite 101
Boerne, TX 78006
Phone: (830) 445-4127