Moore on Art: Lacey Mychael Ryan


AArt creates all forms of beauty. An artist has no boundaries just a love and ability to embrace their talent. Lacey Mychael Ryan shares her love for art in her beautiful sketches, paintings and tattoos. She makes the transition from sketches and paintings to tattoo art smoothly and effortlessly but do not be mistaken this talent is not as easy as she makes it look.

Lacey moved to Boerne with her parents and sisters when she was 11. The move brought new challenges to the family that were met by her parents clever resourcefulness and the assistance of an angel couple, Bob and Patricia Ogle, who steered the family to new resources for the family.

Lacey’s dad, Mychael Henry Murray, knew instinctively what each of his daughters talents were and he saw Lacey had a talent for art. Lacey received a special gift after her father passed away. Her mom shared a letter with each of her daughters that Mychael had written for them. It described his sentiment for each girl and shared what he thought was each daughter’s talent that they should pursue. He encouraged Lacey to pursue art. That letter is one of Lacey’s most treasured possessions.

Lacey’s dad was also an artist. One day, Lacey took one of her dad’s paintings and hid in her room attempting to recreate the exact painting. She felt her attempt failed and hid it. Not realizing that her talent would vary from her dad’s but the fact that her talent did exist escaped her.  Lacey kept sketching and creating art setting high standards and expectations but never quite seeing what others saw. In 2006 while in school she met her soul mate, Ben Ryan, and they started planning their future. First college, where Ben studied horticulture and landscaping and Lacey earned a business degree. Lacey worked at a restaurant in Austin while in college and once they discovered her talent for art, she was the official chalkboard artist!! She was well received and requests for certain art came in daily. She created art on the chalkboard menu each day including some ZZ top and Stevie Ray Vaughan. She was always just a bit too late to sign up for art classes yet it did not deter her from seeking a successful future in art. She sketched and one day a friend brought her some paints and canvas and Lacey sketched and painted a beautiful elephant!!! She found her niche in the canvas art world. Lacey’s remarkable talent was influenced by her now deceased father’s talent. Each art piece began as a blank canvas and she felt her dad just took over from beyond and before she knew it a beautiful creation existed!!! Much of Lacey’s art has sold on Ebay, or has sold through Facebook. But Lacey was feeling that her art had a calling to do more.  Art lingered in her mind and Lacey sought to express her artistic talent into something memorable that would make a mark and leave a permanent impression. Lacey was drawn to tattoo art. Ben recognizing her talent and knowing her desire to add the medium of tattooing to her artistic talent brought home her first tattoo kit and volunteered to be her first living canvas. He and Lacey decided on a wolf. Lacey opted to use a more discreet location on him so if it did not meet her standards it would not be “out there”. It was a “howling” success… According to Lacey “canvas art is an emotion and art on the wall may be displayed for a time and then sometimes replaced” relegating it to a less obvious display. Lacey felt that the natural transition for her was tattoo art. A permanent art to honor the emotion of a life event and showcase the beauty created professionally and tastefully.

Lacey and Ben had added their son, Grayson, to their family by now so their future was shaping very nicely. Her initial attempts seeking an education on tattoo art was a general feeling that tattooing was not for girls. The misconception was that tattoo artists were big burly biker guys. Lacey was determined not to let that stop her or slow her down. She pursued her desire diligently. Lacey sought out her education as a tattoo artist from every source she could find. At that time, information seemed to be guarded and shared sparingly. Lacey knew her education needed to be as a student under a professional and thus her internships began. Once she shared her portfolio, doors began opening for her. She studied under greats in San Antonio, Marble Falls, Austin and anywhere else she could find. While studying to sharpen her tattoo skills, Lacey continued her sketching and painting. Lacey’s talent was remarkable and her friends were admiring and coveting her work.

As a child, Boerne had given so much to Lacey and her family and that motivated her and Ben to want to share her special art with Boerne. She and Ben searched for a suitable place to set up shop. Ben’s parents, Billy and JoAnn Ryan are Lacey and Ben’s greatest supporters and they assisted Lacey and Ben opening their shop successfully!!!! Lacey and Ben had located a wonderful space on Old San Antonio Road where they opened their doors in 2018. Their shop is a warm and welcoming family oriented haven. They wanted an upscale shop that is family friendly with a comfortable environment ambience. Each customer becomes family to Lacey and her husband. Ben and Lacey maintain that successfully!! Lacey is the featured tattoo artist and Ben specializes in piercings and maintains the business end. Lacey is pleased with the response and how fast the art of tattoo has grown in Boerne. Lacey and Ben are determined to give back to the community that has welcomed their business and they participate in many charitable events locally donating Lacey’s artistic talent as a coveted prize.

Painting and sketching are still talents that Lacey embraces. Lacey said there are times when she just wants to sketch and paint and takes her supplies and finds a place in nature to express her talent. One of her favorite serene spots is by the river and if she cannot make it to the river, she is content to paint in her living room or dining room where she has windows to the outside to inspire her creativity. Lacey feels that her dad’s spirit guides her today as sometimes her creativity just flows with no particular vision when she starts but the result is stunning!!!! Tattoo art is her primary focus. Each tattoo requires a consultation between Lacey and the client to understand the motivation behind the tattoo art, the desired design, and any expectations required. Lacey sketches each tattoo and the sketch is displayed in the tattoo shop for a year after which it is given to the client.

Lacey has participated in several shows and she shared her participation of the one in Los Angeles where she was honored with 3rd place in color. At another show, Ben was Lacey’s model and as she tattooed Ernest Hemingway on him, Ben read Hemingway’s Old Man and The Sea. It took him the whole show to read the book while Lacey recreated the author’s image on Ben. There is a show later this summer that Lacey plans on attending and participating.

Tattoo art for Lacey are memories recorded for life; special memories that one wants and needs to record. Tattoos can be beautiful and it requires a talent to find the right expression one is looking for in their tattoo art. Many tattoos can take several hours and Lacey indicated the average time spent on a tattoo is typically 4-6 hours. Some tattoos require multiple sessions as it is an emotional and physical event. The tattoo artist is sitting for this period of time with a machine that is constantly vibrating which tires the artist’s body while the client’s body is experiencing the physical experience. Lacey has suggestions for minimizing any discomfort for the client that may occur during the session. Always be well-fed and well-rested on the day of the appointment and relax. The consultation with Lacey will prepare the client with what to expect during their artistic time. The chosen artwork is a memorable design creating the memory permanently for the client. Lacey makes every effort within her power to make it the most for her client. At the request of one client she was able to integrate a client’s beloved pet ashes into the ink when she tattooed the sweet furbaby’s portrait on the client. Lacey finds the soul of any art whether on canvas or skin is in the eyes of the artwork. “Eyes are certainly the portal to the soul!!” Her art designs usually revolve around the eyes and therein lay the depth of the memory or event. The body is her gallery to showcase Lacey’s art. She sketches the desired work and then the client approves or assists with any changes requested. Lacey is a master at her art. Blending, shading, the outline, and the vibrant colors are all talents needed whether the art is on a canvas, paper, or the skin. The ability to affect the outcome desired is a characteristic of a master and Lacey is a master. Lacey has educated herself on the intricacies of art, the brushes on canvas, and the necessary tools for tattooing. Lacey’s talents are in demand as her schedule fills up quickly and one must make an appointment sometimes months in advance.

Lacey has consulted for a local gun shop,; that makes custom gun stocks with artistic displays. They are beautiful as is all of Lacey’s art. Lacey says one of the differences, in canvas art and other mediums versus tattoo art is the need for lines. Tight, sharp, boundary lines are necessary in tattoo art but not always so much in canvas art. Canvas art is more forgiving and less precise where tattoo art requires tight lines and there is not a grace boundary.

Lacey is a true artist, and attempts to only promote the positive, bright and productive. She is a proponent of a minimum age for tattoo art. Her feeling is “tattoo art is a mature decision and 21 would be an appropriate age for a decision of this magnitude”.

If you are looking for that first tattoo or maybe want to add to your current collection give Boerne Tattoo Company a call at 210-827-8434 or find them on facebook under Boerne Tattoo Company. Lacey Mychael would love to hear from you!!!! You might just get lucky and commission her for a canvas art as well.