MOORE ON ART: Marzi Rust

By Deva Moore


Art surrounds us. It brings beauty to our world in many different ways. Artists share their talent and brighten our world in uniqueness by embracing their talents. Marzi Rust is one of those artists. A woman who has found art as a hobby, past time, talent and useful tool to share with her friends and neighbors. Artists seek to share beauty by exploring their special ability or abilities so that we may all own a little bit of magic for ourselves.


Marzi is a long time resident of Kendall County and is married to Randall Rust. She was a part of Boerne High School and married Randall after dating for some time and he asked her if she would like to live in Alaska for a year. Marzi said yes and began planning their wedding. They returned to Kendall county after a year and settled into life as they know it…comfortable, surrounded by friends and family and being good stewards of what God has given them.
Marzi has done quite a bit of art in her time. She used to share beading and enjoyed creating magic with beads but when she was diagnosed with slight muscular dystrophy, her beading took a backseat to other art projects she had discovered in her toolbox of talents. Beading required small motor skills and MD handicapped those skills. Not to worry, Marzi has so many talents she merely moved to another skill and never missed a beat.
Marzi took the active role of 4-H sewing, food and nutrition leader when the need arose.. the incredible part is that at that time Marzi did not know how to sew!!!!! Marzi was determined to bring success to the girls involved and so she contacted several women in the county who did sew and asked them to come to each meeting and share their talents and knowledge with the group and not knowing that Marzi also wanted to learn- they signed up. Marzi learned quickly and soon was more than a beginner herself. Marzi appreciates those ladies who filled a need for the girls in the club as well as sharing with her!

Marzi finds time and dedication to sew pajama sets for her grandchildren every winter. She creates the most adorable t-shirt dresses for the best dressed little girls in the county and she has recently added quilted jackets for the fashionable women in town. Marzi found a jacket made from a light weight quilt that she was certain to fit the bill for her daughter who teaches at a local school. Her daughter complained that the school was always cold and her jackets were too bulky for wearing all day while teaching. Marzi thought she found the solution in her lightweight quilt jacket. She found the material design she wanted and the quilt weight she felt would sit comfortably all day while keeping the wearer warm. The first day her daughter sported her jacket, she was bombarded with “where did she get it? How can they get one? Who do I call?” Her daughter then called her mom and asked if she would be interested in making more and selling them? After pondering for a bit, Marzi agreed. One of the artistic magic qualities of these quilted jackets is that Marzi uses no pattern. She makes the beautiful jackets from measurements Her clients give her and her artistic talent turns it all into a beautiful work of art that everyone enjoys wearing and exhibiting. Compliments abound. If one is interested in commissioning Marzi for one of their own they will then find out another magical quality of her work!!! No, I will not spoil the surprise!!! Marzi makes these artistic jackets from special designed quilts and while a king size makes 3 jackets, each one is unique and has its own special look. She can make them with pockets or no pockets. And the amazing artistic talent of Marzi Rust creates these beautiful masterpieces with no pattern!!!! That is unique in itself. No 2 jackets turn out the same even though the same material is used for more than one. The colors may be common but the design is different. She recently used a patriotic red, white and blue quilt for a couple of jackets and each turned out different yet gorgeous. The stars aligned for her for sure!
Marzi credits her artistic talent to her Maker. Marzi shared that God has blessed her with so many talents and so many beneficial opportunities in her life affording her to keep increasing her abilities. A dear friend blessed Marzi with a very nice machine and reminded her that “Your gift comes from God and by sharing your gifts with others you are feeding that gift.” Marzi also said that “Feeding that gift makes me want to do more.” And that is where you will find the second magical gift spoke of earlier in this article! Marzi supports many local charities in town and one of her favorites is the Women and Children’s shelter!
Marzi has many tools in her toolbox of artistic talent. She enjoys woodworking. She shares a woodshop with her husband for a portion of the year. The woodshop is busy during the spring to early fall when it then does double duty in another job which sawdust is not a good fit. Randall operates his own sawmill and Marzi knew there must be something she could do with the wood leftover from his own wood cutting. One day she went to the shop and picked up some of his discarded wood pieces and begin to cut and piece together some designs. She fashioned some crosses, eventually a nativity and some children’s toys. Randall told her she could use the band saw but she did not like it so he directed her to use the scroll saw and Marzi was hooked. They immediately went to the local hardware store where she purchased her first scroll saw and her talent was immediately born!!!! Marzi makes puzzles for children, beautiful crosses, intricate detailed wood ornaments, decorative pieces and so much more. Marzi assured me that her wood projects fit together in the most magical spiritual manner. She will cut and place them and they just are not how she envisioned so she leaves them for a bit and it is amazing how they all seem to fall into place with the right design and shape. Randall has been very helpful in directing Marzi in shortcuts, finishing choices, and even designs. Marzi finishes her wood pieces for exhibiting long term. She stains, paints or seals them with care and love.
Marzi enjoys working with mesquite, walnut, cedar and Cherrywood. Each has its own special qualities. The wood itself has character and the natural designs enhance the finished product. While the woods may be similar there is never 2 designs the same. Each one is unique and beautiful!
Marzi is also a talented candlemaker. She melts, pours and designs candles. She also will take candles that are in need of some TLC and remake them with new purpose. Marzi has found an awesome technique to decorate the outside creating something new out of something old and refreshing the inside. Marzi finds scents using essential oils for the fragrant lovers. There is nothing quite like the glow and fragrance of a beautiful candle. But please use them responsibly and keep away from the children!
Marzi seeks out challenging designs and ideas for her next projects. She frequents sites such as Pinterest and has collected many patterns with the assistance of her daughter who prints them for her to put into her file although Marzi is comfortable working without a pattern unless it is necessary for the project in dimensions or size. Marzi constantly looks to improve her talents and further her knowledge. She has taught some classes and enjoys teaching her grandchildren the most. One of her younger grand daughters was impressed when she found out that it was not her grandpa who did all the cutting but her grandma who was quite a talented woodworker as well!!!!! It is certain that there is not much Marzi Rust cannot do!
Woodworking projects are not simple and they are somewhat time consuming. Most wood projects take a few days and Marzi devotes a few days at a time depending on her schedule on her sewing. Her projects all depend on material and ability to get the right material in a time frame for everything to come together successfully. One must always remember Marzi’s projects are all handmade and sewn so quality is important to her.
Marzi does all of her projects by commission if one has a certain project they are interested in having. A consultation is a must. Currently her studio is not open to the public and it is best to contact her by phone, email, facebook or Instagram. Marzi has exhibited and sold at several shows and has plans to exhibit at more. She can be found at Oma’s, Church show, Local craft shows, spring fling and more. Marzi offers a selection of her art at all of these venues but if something special is desired contact her and commission it!! She has won many awards and the exhibit hall at the Kendall County Fair finds many of her projects with blue ribbons!!!!! Recently Marzi added chili cookoff to her list of talents. Who knows what this whirlwind of youth will find next.

Phone 830-388-9222
Instagram is marzi.rust
Facebook @Marzi Rust