An artist fills a special spot in our hearts, it can be the message we receive from the specific work of art, it can be the way it brings a room together, it can be the message we want to deliver or it can be a healing work for many. Ms. Gina and her art from the heart does it all. Ms. Gina has a style of art that is immediately whimsical and uplifting and appeals to the young and young at heart.

A gentle soul with such a cheerful outlook and approach to life, Ms Gina and her art speak to the heart. From her animated characters who seem to speak to the audience with such joy and cheer to the most sincere paintings designed to invoke memories from the past, Ms. Gina has mastered it all and is leaving a very big mark on life!!!


Ms Gina hails from Oklahoma and settled in Texas by choice. Her love for the Hill country and most sincere love and appreciation for Boerne has anchored her art and life quite comfortably in her success in her quaint welcoming studio. Opening studios is nothing new to Ms Gina after opening 2 successful ones in San Antonio, Ms Gina found a perfect charming location in Boerne and the cottage has simply blossomed under her direction and joy. Ms, Gina is blessed and feels so much pleasure in the Hill Country that she seeks to give back in so many ways. She has worked with the Boerne Community Coalition, Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, and has been active in the Franklin Park Stone Oak’s “Memories in the making” program enriching Senior’s lives with memory enhancement through art. Ms. Gina is immersed in the program which provides art therapy to residents and Senior’s with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are difficult diseases and results of a memory loss disease. Ms. Gina finds art is a bridge for many to rediscover their past in a gentle and positive manner. Providing those who suffer from such debilitating effects allows them to recapture treasured precious memories through her art and art of their own. The emphasis is on free painting so that the senior can find a common memory and thus gain, recapture and master their past and thus their families. This is not an immediate cure for Alzheimer’s or dementia but a portal through which the elderly can reconnect with their loved ones successfully. Ms. Gina recalls many families are overwhelmed when their older loved ones can remember events and places and moments in their lives with their family. It is not a smooth process and can be tiring and difficult for the senior who wants so very badly to remember but the disease strikes and limits the ability. Ms. Gina is patient and kind allowing the senior to adjust at their own pace and guiding them to a secure place within their art and hers to fulfill a goal.

A little history on Ms. Gina Reese…she actually begin her adult life in the corporate world. As a human resources professional, she enjoyed the professional world while teaching art. Her children were small and she was working roughly 60 hours a week and felt she was using her valuable time away from her children thus was missing too much. She made the courageous decision to pursue a career in art. She sought out employment at St Mary’s University and while actively employed was fortunate to embrace her creativity in art there. She met and studied under Brother Cletus Behlman a renowned artist who embraced her art and encouraged her talent. He opened his studio to her and mentored Ms Gina with valuable insight and encouragement. Ms Gina would just absorb what he had to offer and eagerly applied his wisdom to her own life. She was saddened by his death at age 82 in 2016 yet he left an art legacy of mammoth proportions!!!

Ms Gina had so much ahead of her and when she lost Brother Cletus in her life she knew she had to take the next step and step she did!!! A quaint little space opened in Boerne that fit the bill!! Ms Gina knew it was meant to be. She opened her own studio and never looked back!!! Today she teaches art to “littles”, individuals, families and still plays an active role in Alzheimer’s programs assisting in “Memories in the Making” regularly!!! Home school art classes keep her attuned to the youth of Boerne and allow her to share her expertise with other artists in the making. Ms Gina is not just an art mentor she IS art at its finest!!!

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease and it affects the long term and sometimes short term memories. Ms Gina knew she could be instrumental in linking the past with the present for those who had lost the way. One such gentleman had joined her class and the first day was apprehensive to paint. Ms Gina in her patience and wisdom watched him return the next day and paint a blue cat. He returned the third day and he painted a lake that he knew the name of, a fish, and his kids. He had been relocated from his upstate New York and for just a brief moment he remembered his children and an event from his past. Ms Gina “shared his work with his children who began crying that their dad did have those memories in his mind and they were reminded that their dad still existed’. This is what keeps Ms Gina actively involved in Alzheimer’s “Making Memories” programs both in valuable compensated and volunteer positions.

Another great example of Ms Gina’s ability to focus on family was a reunion type Christmas party. Grandparents has set up a painting party with the theme of Nutcrackers. Their children and grandchildren and other family members painted unique Nutcrackers. Each one was different with different personalities, colors, shapes and design. The family spent much loved quality time sharing some food and the painting sparked some wonderful conversations. These are the goals Ms Gina enjoys and strives to create and fulfill for families and friends. Ms Gina feels that the generations of family have so much to share and she can provide an opportunity to bring families together with joy.

Ms Gina’s art is fun. She has a small gallery in her studio and online for purchase and viewing. The whimsical art speaks to its viewers welcoming interaction and opening up conversations. The “cow that ate the rainbow” shines with its feast of color and has a secret to tell you if you listen. The ”colorful bunny” is itching to tell you of its adventures of mischief and the “Pug in Paris” has many adventures to share. One must seek out her art to find their own special art and its story just waiting for you.

Ms. Gina loves working with youngsters of any age but offers ongoing classes for toddlers and other younger members of Boerne. These children enjoy workshops encouraging their imaginations and creativity such as” Glow in the dark neon a parent’s night out”, toddler/preschool messy play art, tiny house camp, candyland camp, adult night outs, specific parties and so much more. She also provides painting classes for adults both with private classes and with “Ladies art night out” and so much more. Visit her classes and camps list on her website…at Gina Marie’s art studio. Many of these classes are filling quickly so sign up today!!! Ms Gina can be contacted at, on her facebook page Gina Marie’s Art Studio or by phone at 210-725-5518.

Ms Gina brings joy and wants the art experience to be a fun and creative one. She guides her students to reach a goal of what makes them happy. She does provide the necessary equipment and the location in her studio or outside and you just bring the excitement to create!!!

Ms. Gina has resided in Boerne for 3 amazing years bringing fun and joy to the youth of town. She has always had flair for the art and while she focuses on guiding the youth she finds time to please with her acrylics and finds Jackson Pollock a valuable mentor of artistic quality. She keeps sensory foremost in all of her work and her classes allowing the student to not only tell a story but feel their work and become a part of it. Young children express themselves through their art and the masterpieces astound their parents and Ms Gina.
Music always brings a sense of calm to the most messy art or calmest art. When setting the mood for the Seniors a balance of Frank Sinatra or other classic oldies brings the right atmosphere for painting the past or present and when choosing the music for the children’s classes, Ms Gina finds that Disney classics create the perfect flow. Ms Gina is fond of the oldies herself and enjoys the calm mood perfect for painting her own masterpieces.
Ms Gina has many talents and commission work in her wheel house. A client can find her ability to meet a project successfully. A consultation with her will find the client extremely content with both the plan and the finished art for that special person as a gift or place on the wall.

Ms. Gina enjoys visiting many places and she always enjoys her 2 beautiful daughters when she visits them or they visit her. She is excited that soon she and her husband to be will be grandparents for the first time. One of her husband to be’s children will soon present them with their first grandchild. Ms Gina enjoys Port Aransas and loves relaxing at the beach gathering ideas and thoughts for future art work!!! Her ideal place to paint would be on a bridge in Paris although she prefers focusing her talent on more whimsical features. She loves painting missions and her favorite is Mission Espada. The history and the story it tells is captured in her rendition of its past. She tells of “organizing the murals in 2 schools as a project involving the children of the schools each providing a part of a symbolic quilt of hearts. The finished product is quite “emotional bringing the entire school together creating a painted quilt of love”. Ms Gina brings inclusivity to anyone lucky enough to take her classes or meet her.

Ms. Gina is currently creating a plan to bring mixed media to her groups this summer. She is introducing the youngsters to making their choice of print and using carving tools to create a master of which they can reproduce successfully!!! One such tool that can be used is linoleum as a base creating a master pattern of which a brayer is then used to recreate the design!!! A new and different type of art to expand the children’s abilities!!! Ms Gina is an ongoing source of all that is new and all that is tried and true. Ms Gina’s goal is to build everyone’s self- esteem with their vast talent and her vast talent and knowledge.

Ms. Gina should definitely be on your list to provide an enriching and fun creative part of the summer and beyond!!! If you or your child are already signed up then that is great for you and if you have not signed up then What are You Waiting for?

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