Moore On Art: Pauly Tamez


TThe sky was on fire. The blend of colors, shades, lights and darks created a firestorm of beauty. This describes the art of Pauly Tamez…charismatic, energetic, familiar yet peaceful and striking. From a young age the world of creating art spoke to Pauly and he allowed the art to spring from his fingers in an energizing lightning bolt of talent like no other. Many times when Pauly is sharing his work someone will comment “Oh I know that place, I have been there…” even when Pauly has no specific ideas when he started the creation and he used no specific destination. His work is remarkable and his talent extraordinary. His work is spectacular, comforting, always familiar and creates a desire to own one of his works.

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Pauly’s favorite work he has done is always “the next one. “ He enjoys working outside as he finds motivation in nature with the natural vibrancy of color and design in the plain air. The freshness and bright natural light create challenges that Pauly loves. If you are looking to add to your art collection or perhaps looking for that perfect unique gift for family or friend or maybe just want to explore your own artistic talent then check out Pauly’s art pages and leave him a message. The sky is the limit!!!!