MOORE ON ART: Renee Green

By Deva Moore


Every girl has a fantasy of being the most beautiful, the prettiest and the center of attention: A beautiful piece of art. That dream is set in place on her wedding day and Renee Green makes that dream come true.

Renee offers an art sought after by the youngest to the oldest and Renee’s business On Location makes those dreams come true. Renee is an artist… a hair and makeup artist.

As a young woman, Renee recognized the need and her talent for beauty. She sought training and education to further her natural talent of identifying and nurturing inner beauty by painting the picture on the human canvas.

The artist, Renee, comes to her client to create her art. This artist is all in one. She makes magic with her hair designs, accentuates the canvas or bride’s beauty with her toolbox of makeup and tools. To complete the art of the wedding for the bride’s picture perfect day then Renee will create the perfect art on each of the attendants.

For a complete art design most artists need unlimited time and tools but not Renee, she prefers meeting her client prior to the artistic main event for a consult but is just as magical with a few hours of notice. Renee works her artistic magic not only on brides and their attendants but has an arsenal of experience and expertise of “canvases”.

Renee Green has over 15 years of experience as a makeup/hair artist specialist. She is not the standing Wednesday appointment for a trim and set. Renee is a master at her craft and an artist extraordinaire of hair and makeup design. She is sought after for her ability to create magic out of normal. Renee has many accomplishments in her career and proudly carries the honor of the highest ratings in such coveted magazines such as The Knot and Wedding Wire.

It is her innate talent that led her to such a competitive art and her innate talent that sets her apart. Renee sought and continues to seek ongoing exposure to the latest trends and styles. Renee is an advanced expert of the Airbrush Artistry and Makeup School among other artisan leaders and schools for training in the industry.

As a result of her ability to create magic Renee offers specialty hair and makeup for weddings, parties, meetings and other special events on location. Renee has the ability to meet her clients in their environment both at their home and on location of event to prepare her special talent to its extreme. Renee provides all the essential tools and needs to create the desired art for the event. Many of Renee’s clients are both amazed and pleased with her ability to work within a limited time to complete the entire entourage in a relatively short time frame and successfully!!!

Renee travels to many locations both local and exotic to perform her art for the client. She has a long list of specialty art that keeps her in demand for clients both simple and extreme. One of Renee’s “tools” in her talents is the ability to do minimal jobs with the same magic as an entire wedding party. She has clients who go out of town for business meetings and these powerful women prefer Renee to do their makeup and hair to allow them to concentrate on their business.

Renee sometimes sees extensions as a tool in her talent box to give some extra fullness in the hair. Extensions allow Renee to create some exceptional and unique hairstyles for her client. She has decorated hair styles with elaborate designs complete with such beautiful jewels, flowers, and even family jewelry or heirlooms. Renee’s goal is for her client to find the finished artistic look makes her feel as magical as she looks. From the smallest flower girl, to the mothers of the bride and groom, Renee creates her gorgeous designs as personal and important as each one is to the bride. She did mention that there is a little more challenge to completing the magic on the smaller children in a wedding party due to their shorter attention spans and interest. Renee is confident that she has overcome any of those obstacles with a pleasant and beautiful result.

Renee is quite competent at anything requested of her and nothing is out of her toolbox talents or abilities. Renee finds all requests comparable and quite reachable. She can create art where quite simply many would hesitate. Renee has created depth, cover, fullness and design where none existed. Her ability to utilize airbrush in both hair and makeup is astounding and the results are stunning!!! Her talent extends to the groom and his attendants for grooming specifics for their hair and touch-ups to complement the bride and her attendants for spectacular photos of the special day!

Renee does not limit her artistic talent to just women, she has a magical hand in preparing models of both sexes for the required head shots, glossies and more for their own careers to enrich their portfolios for jobs they seek. Another talent for Renee is special effects makeup for parties. This includes her amazing designs for magical makeup for Halloween parties, theme parties such as Mardi Gras, movie premiere parties and more. Renee truly has no limits on her talents and ability. The fun part is that she provides everything needed to create makeup and special effects desired. One thing that is a must to mention is that while Renee travels to one’s location and provides the tools, talent and supplies it is necessary to attempt to plan ahead enough to have a consult with her to address ideas, plans, price and time needed. While many of the requested or desired needs can be met on seemingly short notice such as meetings. Makeup and or hair desires for many events require advanced planning and so a consult is necessary and beneficial to both client and Renee.

Renee is the most versatile and prepared style artist one could recommend. She has worked with runway models in various events and has worked with elaborate stores such as Julian Gold’s main runway events among local ones.

Fashion forward in all she does, Renee remains steadfast in remaining true to her client’s wishes at all times. While she consults and keeps her clients in the know on what is the latest trend, she always follows her client’s wishes and needs to create a perfect day of beauty for them so they will have pictures to capture their special moments that they desire.

Renee travels all over Texas delivering fantasy hair and makeup and says she would travel most anywhere she is requested. Her main goal in creating the perfect hair and makeup for her client is that it meets their fashion personality. They must be comfortable and pleased with the plan agreed upon ensuring that the final creation will assure their vision. Renee has pleased all of her clients and strives to keep that number as 100% which is easy in this author’s opinion since Renee is a master at her art.

Renee does not work out of a salon per se. She is distinctly On Location as a service to her clients. She feels that they better relax when she comes to them and they can focus on just being the client with no restrictions on time allotted or environment and surrounded by their attendants and family. She does offer party type atmospheres of her art. One can arrange with Renee to have a little girls hair and makeup party, bridesmaids party, girls night out type party or a spa retreat event. Renee provides all supplies and the expertise for a relaxing night of pampering for all.

Full of wonderful talents, for Renee, sometimes it seems that there are more than advertised! She is also a talented and trained spray tanner. One of her specialties is Mystic tan which is quite popular and the results are wonderful!!! This is also one of Renee’s On Location services. In the privacy of one’s own home and in a comfortable location, the Mystic or other spray tan can be applied successfully, and is just another of the tools in Renee’s toolbox for the entire look.

With quite a list of clients and due to the privacy of many, Renee does not reveal some. She did share that she has Cat Osterman the Olympic softball player, among many CEOs and others in the entertainment field as clients. Renee respects her client’s privacy and does not reveal information that would compromise that privilege in any manner.
Renee is constantly staying current in her training and latest trends in her chosen field to remain the top company of choice. When a client has chosen On Location hair and makeup design with Renee, they are confident they are getting the most professional, most current, most talented in the field.

Renee finds the majority of her clients desire her expertise in weddings and other formal events, but she also enjoys the special effects events and the modeling hair and makeup presentations. She enjoys working with all ages and enjoys “making her clients feel special and beautiful”. Renee is available all hours for setting up appointments and consultations. She is flexible depending on her client’s time, needs and availability. Renee puts in the time and energy to make certain her clients are happy and content with her expertise. Renee can work with most any budget and strives to give her clients the whole package of beauty!!! Renee says “I want the clients to look and feel their absolute best on their special day!”. Renee utilizes her skill set to ensure that everything is in her tool box with no issues. She solves potential issues before they create problems.

If one has a special day or event approaching it is a great idea to contact Renee to make it extra special! One may look at her website call her at either 361-438-0236 or 210-722-6979. One may also contact Renee at her email or Instagram ReneeGreen89. For those who just want to google On Location Renee Green there is a gallery of most beautiful pictures. Art is not just to hang on the wall or display on the table…sometimes art is YOU!