MOORE ON ART: Sidney Sinclair


By Deva Moore

The emotions one feels when the art is spiritual and emotionally moving are sometimes overwhelming. Sidney Sinclair creates that art from her heart and her soul. She feels that it is a divine hand that guides her strokes on the canvas molds her art. Sidney has been an artist for many years. She began her journey as a child when her father encouraged her to pursue her artistic talents drawing and coloring. As an artist himself, he recognized Sidney’s talent and strong focus on beauty and design. She brought an emotional force when her audience viewed her work. As her support and encouragement grew, Sidney’s love for creating art also grew and her talent expanded. She has studied under many masters who helped her understand the details of the art process in all of her endeavors.

Sidney has been exhibiting her work for over 30 years and credits Texas Treasures, one of the local galleries, for both current art and old school art exhibits. Education of art has always been Sidney’s path, she has learned, taught, painted and been critiqued and critiqued others. Sidney earned her Bachelors of Art Degree from Trinity University in San Antonio and also attended the Warren Hunter School of Art. As a fourth generation Texan, she has studied with international, national, and regional artists. Her educational teachers and mentors include water color under Darrell Trott of Australia and oil painting with David Leffel and Gregg Kruetz of the Art Student League in New York City. Sidney has also studied extensively under local artist Jay Hester and lists Jay as one of her close mentors as well as Johny Rosa artist and curator of Texas Treasures gallery.

Sidney is one not to be caught in just one avenue to express herself and her art. She is constantly searching for new and exciting art to please so she has also studied with contemporary artists and yes we can name drop…Linda Hammond, Gerald Brommer, Jan Sitts and Joan Fullerton just to name drop a few popular artists!! She uses impressionistic traditionism as well as abstraction to bring her stories and emotions to life. Sidney seeks to invoke deep emotions with her painting. She layers facets of deep thought provoking meanings in each work of art. Each viewer finds a different and moving work as no 2 are identical or replicated. No viewer ever sees the same painting or the same story as the next viewer and the emotional responses vary. She credits her talent and vision as gifts from God and her goal is for her audience to feel the same connection to a Spiritual power as well.

Sidney shares her talent and love for art with her fellow artists, teaching her knowledge to others who are seeking to enter the artists world with their own talent. She has a studio in her home but it is not currently open to the public. Her work is currently and extensively exhibited at Texas Treasures Gallery and Sidney is going to be featured in the upcoming art show April 8-April 10 downtown Boerne. This is not a show to miss!!! One should call 830-816-5335 to reach someone for the latest information. This number is also the current contact for Sidney. The Gallery address is 605 S. Main in Boerne.

Sidney prefers to paint indoors in her studio but has enjoyed painting outdoors. The unpredictable weather creates a questionable backdrop so she confines her painting indoors in her studio. Sidney still finds time to further her hobby of photography outdoors and keeps her equipment handy in her studio for that perfect day to capture a stunning shot!!! She stays organized in her studio and her students find it a great place to study art, paint, visit with other artists, or just research art history with Sidney’s extensive art library. Whatever reason- she provides a comfortable environment to process an artist’s need. She prefers her classes to be small and finds large classes lose the closeness needed to reach each student on a personal level easily. Sidney will critique as her students need to help them find their inner artist. With the right training, she believes anyone qualifies to be an artist. She feels that art comes from the heart and it is necessary to find that place in the heart to create a project. Projects are not measured by how long it takes to complete them but by the emotion and heart the artist invests. Sidney does commission work and one can set an appointment with her by calling Texas Treasures and they will make it happen.
Sidney finds time to enjoy exhibiting and her favorite part is meeting the patrons and personalities enjoying her work. Customers leisurely share their impressions of the art, and the emotions they share with Sidney fulfill her heart as an artist. She likes hearing and seeing the reactions and impressions of different patrons. Their honesty and thoughts motivate her to continue exploring the depth in art. Sidney enjoys painting florals and crosses. She enjoys hearing patrons comment the peace and emotional impressions from her art. Her projects vary in time commitment and Sidney has a process in her art that makes the end art work have an ethereal and 3 dimensional feel. The process that she has discovered creates a dimensional look. She has found that by this process she mastered, manipulating the paper on the canvas she can change her paintings to creating messages of hope and peace to others. The message changes and can be different for each art lover.
Sidney really could not name a specific piece of hers that she preferred over another since each one is special and created specifically but she did say that the one an attorney purchased in New York City for their office was a particularly insightful painting. It is of a cross and it has especially touched her heart and soul.

Her art graces homes and offices all over the world from the USA to Europe and she is loves being an international artist. But a true Texan at heart, Sidney likes the Hill Country and seeks the peace and solitude it brings. She is no stranger to awards and while this author pulled them out of her humble person, Sidney is not one to rely on her accolades preferring her art to tell her story and represent her work.
Sidney has appeared in publications American Art Review, Hill Country Lifestyles, San Antonio Woman and Southwest Art. She has also shown at the Alamo Kiwanas Invitational Art Show, The Western Art Invitational, The Texas Hill Country Invitational at Tapatio Springs, The Boerne Parade of Artists and the annual Art Walk in San Antonio. She has been featured in the Bright Shawl and participated in the American Heart Association fundraiser and several one woman shows in San Antonio and Santa Fe. As a result of the exposure in many of these platforms her work is collected by many discriminating art collectors.

Sidney has some contact information for her art. She can be reached at, or emailed at The phone for the Gallery is 830-816-5335, facebook at Texas Treasures Fine Art, or just drop by the gallery at 605 s main Boerne Tx. You will be glad you did!!! And you may just find yourself taking a piece of Sidney Sinclair home or maybe another artist will catch your eye!!!! Own a special Texas Treasure of your own but only if you act now!