Moore on Art: The 2 Alicias of Maker’s Place

by Deva Moore


Boerne’s own Alicia Carillo is a dynamo as one person but when there are TWO Alicia Carillo’s, they are dynamite!!! Alicia Carillo (better known as Ms C) and her daughter, Alicia (known as … Alicia) knew a few years ago they had to offer help for aspiring artists who wanted to create art but had no real idea of how to start. Using her extensive background in education, Ms C brings her style of teaching and guided support to the business while daughter Alicia has a background in business and art. The Carillo’s are both artists, and love working with people, developing those relationships in an entire community — and decided that together they could offer an explosive art experience for the Boerne community. Ms C and Alicia founded Maker’s Place, and it has been fast and furious growth ever since.


Maker’s Place offers many craft options to the artists who frequent their studio. Some artists work in ceramics, and with the Carillo’s guidance, that person is able to take home a beautiful piece of work they made themselves. Sometimes a client comes in looking for a gift, a conversation piece for their home or just an art project to accomplish. Often groups want to come in together to learn a new skill and to enjoy some time together.

Appointments are available online and by telephone. And, of course, appointments can always be made in person — and sometimes time for a walk-in experience is available, too!
Maker’s Place offers so many options for the budding artist. Ceramics, painting on canvas, The fun comes in not only selecting your own ceramic pieces, but also picking the colors you want, applying the paint the way you want and then having it kiln-fired. Ready to go home with you! In fact, some clients have wanted to create dishes to use in their kitchens and with food, and with the Carillo’s guidance, they were able to take home a set of dishes to use every day if they want. (As Ms C and Alicia explained, most glazes are not food grade but by using a different glaze and paint process, it can easily be done.) Their approach to working with painters is as creative as it could be — their client could choose an already sketched design and paint it as they want to make it their own personal art, or or they may sketch their own design. During the 2020 pandemic, “To Go” preorder kits were very popular. Maker’s Place continues to offer this option — The kits are for ceramics, canvas painting projects, or board art projects. They are suitable for children or adults, and are easy to pick up from Maker’s Place — or to return to kiln firing if needed. To go just one step farther, EVERYTHING is an option at Maker’s Place. All you need to do share your interests, and Maker’s Place will help make it happen for you! Oh! And by the way — Maker’s Place offers sculpture projects and slab pottery as well. The time required to create a sculpture or slab pottery depends entirely upon you, the client, and what you hope to accomplish. The most interesting point is that Ms. C and Alicia are both there to help in any way needed! All tools and paints, canvas, clay – whatever you need – is provided, so all you need to do is show up in your grungy clothes — something getting a lap full of paint won’t hurt – in time for your reservation!

The same is true regarding the type of event you can have at Maker’s Place. The Carillo’s love being able to offer individual or group events. Folks that want a great bonding event, families, friends, bridal parties, high school friends — you name it, and the group will have fun at Maker’s Place. In fact, Maker’s Place also works often with corporations wanting team building events, so it is safe to say that any group of people, regardless of their affiliation, will have a ball at Maker’s Place. To ease the process, each event is professionally guided by an experienced artist who is trained to ensure your event is the most fun while still being educational. To make it even easier for a large group, bringing in finger snacks, adult beverages, sodas, tea or whatever they’d like to make their ‘party’ more fun is encouraged!

Of course, if you don’t have a ‘group’ you want to hang with, Maker’s Place also sponsors a lot of events that simply require a reservation for participation. They include fun events like “Glo in the Dark’ paintings, “Sip and Paint” nights, Date Nights. You get the idea!
One of the fun facts for all of Boerne’s budding artists is that you do not need multiple sessions or lessons to complete a great project. Almost 100% of the time a project will be completed in just one session!

In the five years they’ve been working in this arena — a relatively short time frame, the Carillo’s have created a warm and cozy way for Boerne to learn to tap on their “inner artist” while having a blast doing it. “The only way we can get this done is through the support of our family. They help us when we need it, and they are simply there to support us and encourage us as needed.” As Ms C told me “The goal of Maker’s Place is to provide a fun safe place for the whole family, the whole group of people, trying out any art projects that interest them. We want to be your go to place for fun and entertainment and let you take a memento home at the end of the day!!!”.

Maker’s Place is currently open from 1 pm – 8 pm Monday through Saturday, and on Sundays from 11 am – 6 pm. This allows plenty of time to choose and complete a project or two, socialize and learn a new craft.

You may find that once your inner-artist is awakened, you will want to explore your skill/art medium options — and Maker’s place allows a freedom to explore, create and enjoy art in the ultimate environment!!! If you have ever wanted to “throw a little paint” or make your artistic “mark” on the world or maybe just “throw a little clay” then Maker’s Place is the place to go!!! And tell them that Boerne Explore magazine sent you!!! Let’s all share some art!
(830) 331-8191