Moore On Art: Veronica Mace


OOne could say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Veronica Mace spreads beauty wherever she goes and in what ever she is doing. Ronnie, as she is affectionately known by her family, friends and colleagues, spends her days bringing beauty to her patients in her job as a hospice nurse and her free time designing beauty in her jewelry.

Ronnie has always been drawn to hand crafted art, whether it was creating specialty memory pillows or specialty memory bears for loved ones of those who have passed on or creating handcrafted jewelry for lasting beauty. Ronnie brings beauty to life.  Ronnie has used different materials for her memory bears and while she does not do many at this time, in the past she used coats both fur and other materials from the loved one to create comforting teddy bears for the family to treasure.

Ronnie is married to Allen Mace, and they just recently celebrated 22 years of marriage. Their time together has been spent sharing their home and property with various family members and a wide collection of animals from ostriches to goats to dogs and cats. Allen manages the family farm while Ronnie shares her nursing talents with patients as a hospice nurse. Evenings and spare time brings Ronnie to her hobby and love of artistry. Ronnie creates her own designs and finds ideas in nature, life and her daily activities. When Ronnie sees something that “speaks” to her she will photograph it for future reference.

Ronnie began her art career as a young woman always drawing and creating something from things she found. She used ostrich eggs and pillows for art but was still looking for that perfect artwork when she began creating earrings and her friends and family discovered she had a talent for art that they could wear and enhance their wardrobes for that special evening out or occasion. Ronnie’s artistic talent for jewelry exploded.

Unique jewelry that is hand crafted and like no other, fit a niche like no other.  From the delicate to the bold each piece shares a quality found in every work of Ronnie Mace art…it is not mass produced but unique and hand created and with careful design and quality in each step of the way. Ronnie uses semi precious stones, leather, beads, other materials and metals ensuring a piece of art to last for generations. These art pieces serve as decorated jewelry to make a statement as well as quality pieces to give to children and grandchildren lasting for years to come.

Ronnie enjoys stringing beads and assures me that each one is different and finding the correct amount of the right ones needed for a project is sometimes difficult and it is important to the integrity of each piece. She does not cut any corners in her art and demands an excellence in the quality of her work for longevity.  Ronnie’s favorite jewelry art is a mixture of leather, turquoise and pearls. The pieces all work together with her talent to create stunning wearable art.

Bead stringing is a core skill in jewelry art creation. One visualizes a small child with a shoestring and some large chunky beads putting the end of the shoestring through the beads until they fill the string. This is a skill for them but not to the complexity of a true talented jewelry artist. Ronnie’s art requires a knowledge and experience of color, shape, style, material and the type of wire or material to string the beads successfully and securely. It requires a distinct knowledge of crimpers, knots, fasteners, the proper tools and dexterity to accomplish the art in an aesthetic end product that can withstand repeated use as display on client.

Wire wrapping is another talent that Ronnie is adept at in her art. Wire wrapping is not as simple as it sounds, one must understand the technique is a secure foundation for beads or stones. It creates a foundation for your piece or acts to complement in its design. There are many wire wrapping techniques and designs. Using the right one can enhance the art work and create more intricacy to the design. Basket weave, briolette, herringbone, wire loops and wire netting are just a few of the more popular designs. A piece of art jewelry may include wire wrapping but it is not required. It is just another design choice depending on desire.

Ronnie has even made jewelry with blue jean belt loops. She has made a commissioned specialty jewelry piece out of a badge and also created jewelry art out of a pair of spurs. Her talent is remarkable and her imagination to completion is fabulous!!!!

Ronnie explained that her jewelry is always evolving. It changes according to new materials, new styles, new processes and new techniques. Ronnie keeps up and is always adjusting to new trends while all of her art is ageless and is always appreciated. She finds that while the stones and beads do not change, the techniques and designs seem to adjust to the desires of the client. Ronnie’s art has an extensive client age group. She can meet the desires of the younger group of women in their jewelry choices and is honored that the more mature woman’s needs are easily accomplished as well. Ronnie produces a genuine artistic piece of work to please and give the most sophisticated eye a treat.

Ronnie is available for custom work if there is something specific one is looking to add to their collection. Ronnie enjoys commissioned work and can meet most requirements or desires for a piece of jewelry art desired. A consultation with her is available by appointment by emailing her at She can also be reached at vmace One may also visit her facebook page at Veronica’s Designs. With her busy hospice schedule, Ronnie does not have time to take phone calls outside of appointments so contact her at one of these contacts. She will get back with you quickly.

While Ronnie has been an active artist for most of her life, she credits her time since 2005 as focusing on jewelry art and she has constantly created pieces worthy of the finest retail while keeping her inventory for those who have a budget. Perusing her inventory one can find a treasured piece worthy of a gift for any occasion. If one would like to see her work in person one could visit the “Christys” on High street in Comfort or Lani’s Cheesecake Shop in Comfort for a sweet treat and a beautiful piece of jewelry. Ronnie explains that “jewelry art is therapy for me.” It is such beautiful therapy.

Now is the time many are thinking of that special gift for someone and there is time to commission some special jewelry to brighten someone’s life. Ronnie also does gifts for special occasions like Bridal attendants, Bride’s, or any other celebratory moment in life. She does a very limited masculine line but a consultation with her will answer any questions.  When asked if she teaches classes, she chuckled and explained that her talent lies in creating jewelry and that she does not have time to teach classes. Ronnie enjoys the process from start to finish and is the sole craftsman with the jewelry. Allen has helped her when she has participated in shows but he is behind the scenes set up and take down professional support system. When Ronnie was doing craft art shows, she and Allen decided the outside shows were not conducive to an active client but were dictated by weather which could turn detrimental  very quickly. She now keeps an inventory in her home studio and in a few commercial venues.

Ronnie loves working with all types of jewelry art material but enjoys working with turquoise the most. She does not do any jewelry repair, she is a jewelry artist.

Ronnie offers a type of anklets and bracelets with magnetic ends so they could be joined together if desired to make a beautiful necklace. The design can be customized with specific colors and materials by consultation with Ronnie. It is important to note that Ronnie does offer gift certificates for those who would like to gift a special piece of jewelry but want the recipient to choose the design and material.

Every piece of jewelry art that has the Ronnie Mace craftsman behind it is spectacular. She strives to stay current on style and design. One day she envisions seeing her jewelry adorning a celebrity but is content to keep her clients now happy with her talent. Her studio is open to the public by appointment only and contact her at the above mentioned sources.

A perfect gift is hard to find and a perfect handmade art creation is even harder. Ronnie Mace offers a quality handmade art creation to last for generations. Choose from her inventory, choose a design you create with Ronnie or choose to incorporate something you treasure into a piece of art to cherish forever. The first step is to contact Ronnie Mace and make that appointment. You will be happy you did and so will your loved one. After all as Maya Angelou says, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” Take that special someone’s breath away with a piece of beautiful handmade art from Ronnie Mace jewelry. You will be glad you did and so will they.