Best Furniture Store

1499 S Main St  |  Boerne, TX 78006  |  (830) 331-1391

How does it feel winning the BEST OF this year?
It’s the BEST feeling to win the “Best Of… Gold” award!   With only two years in business, this honor encourages us that our store is on the right track!

What do you credit for your victory?
We credit our fantastic customers, who come in again and again, and bring their friends. And huge kudos to our sales team for their creativity, design savvy, and their friendliness!

What separates you from your competition?
We offer a mix of larger-scaled, architecturally-oriented salvage pieces, mixed with unusual home décor items.   They are presented in ever-changing scenarios, illustrating how fresh and flexible working with salvage can be! People tell us they love our spacious environment, along with its porches, decks and even a “back yard”.

How have you managed to navigate 2020?
We’ve been intentional in dealing positively with some brutal changes in 2020.  The sudden and  permanent closure of  the I-10 exit on the south side wiped out our drive-by traffic, and the temporary Covid closing was another blow to business.  We ramped up our social media with lots of quality photographs with useful  details.  We became even more focused and astute in our buying choices.  And we put on a happy face – behind our masks, of course!   We are thankful for the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and other city entities which provided financial support and ongoing encouragement during the shut-down and beyond.

What is next for your business? Future plans or growth?
In addition to major outreach to the public, we plan to expand our relationships with builders and designers – to make them aware of our many items that can add style, texture and character to their clients’ homes and offices.  With so many mass-produced homes being built in the area, our unusual pieces can help to transform and individualize the “plain vanilla” aspects of new homes.  And for custom homes, designers and architects now have a source from which to add special architectural touches in the planning stages.

What are your biggest challenges you see for 2021?
Our biggest challenges include getting our name and location out to a larger hill country audience and – as always – maintaining the diversity and freshness of our inventory.

What would you like to say to the readers that voted for you?
To those who voted for us, we thank you kindly!  Without you, we would have no sales, no identity, and no fun!