Books – C. Kevin Durio – Trainer, Martial Artist, Medic, Architect … Author


Maybe it’s because of Kevin’s varied background that a book might be warranted … or maybe it was just time that some kind of story came out of all these experiences. Whatever the reason, a book did finally happen … and with a couple more coming.

Kevin started his martial arts and fighting career when at the age of six he watched Bruce Lee on TV as Kato, The Green Hornets valet and sidekick, finally starting formal training at age 11 with his first Master Instructor in Longview, Texas. Watching Chuck Norris and all the great karate / kickboxers of the early 70’s was the driving force behind Kevin’s motivation, as well as eventually leading him into a career of fitness.

Besides being the best martial artist he could be, his second dream was to be an Architect, which came to fruition in Dallas in the mid 80’s with a couple of small firms and then landing at HKS Architects for several years. Kevin’s love of backpacking led him to take an advanced first-aid class for a planned extended trip. Yet again the need to learn and be the best he can be at something, made Kevin go further and complete a full Paramedic program … while still working at HKS.

An opening in the city of Grand Prairie’s EMS service came available and just to satisfy the need to compete and test his abilities, he tried out for the spot and to his … surprise … seriously surprised … he got the job. While there, started to train and work with a few of the local police officers doing defensive tactics – self defense / hand-to-hand skills – which led to an introduction to a SWAT training organization and began his journey in training Law Enforcement throughout Texas.

Currently, Kevin is a Professional Fitness Trainer with 23 years of training experience, certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and The Cooper Institute, as well as a trained instructor in law enforcement, military and fire service fitness issues through Cooper Institute & Tactical Strength And Conditioning (TSAC). Kevin is a certified boxing coach under USA Boxing, the governing body of International Games, Pan Am games and Olympic boxing, and has 50 years of Martial Arts training, holds a 5th Degree Black Belt and has training in a number of diverse Arts. Kevin is also a Certified Ropes/Challenge Course Facilitator and public speaker on health and fitness related topics as well as personal safety issues. Kevin is the Founder of URBAN DEFENSE TRAINING – UDT, a training and certification organization that travels to police departments and military bases to train those personnel in fitness, fighting & first-aid.

Kevin lives in Boerne, Texas, where he continues to do fitness trainings with clients all around the Boerne area and at a couple of gyms, The Clubs of Cordillera and Grind House Training Facility, where he teaches boxing, martial arts and self defense classes. Kevin occasionally makes speaking appearances, is currently working on Naked Fitness II – How to Be Your Own Trainer and a self defense book, is an avid backpacker, loves a good road trip, cartoonist, makes great beef jerky and plays the Didgeridoo.