Best Arborist

245 FM 3351 N  |  Bergheim, TX 78004  |  (830) 229-5700  |  www.burkettarborcare.com

How does it feel winning the BEST OF this year?
We are humbled and honored to have won amongst so many deserving and respectable companies. Many of them we work with regularly or have been friends with for over a decade. Our goal is to properly service the trees in Kendall county and the community that we’ve grown up in. Proper tree care is so important in our area and we strive to deliver a science based approach. It’s a privilege to work for and around such great people every day.

What do you credit for your victory?
We try and let our work speak for itself, again with such rigorous competition in the green industry, we are truly thankful for all that have supported us along the way. We work HARD and give this 110%.

What separates you from your competition?
We try to focus on our dedicated team that works hard, and is passionate about what they do. Our employees are “tree people” who love trees and taking care of them, not just your average laborers.

How have you managed to navigate 2020?
We’ve always liked the quote from ROCKY “It’s not how hard YOU can hit, but how hard you can GET HIT, and keep MOVING FORWARD”. We are blessed in the regard that we work outside, we can keep plenty of space, and have intelligent people working with us.

What is next for your business?
Future plans or growth? We plan on staying the course, focusing on the surrounding area. Adding quality partners/staff and clients for years to come.

What are your biggest challenges you see for 2021?
Adding skilled labor, managers, and staff as fast as we are adding to our book of business.

What would you like to say to the readers that voted for you?
We will do anything and everything possible to meet your needs, while always keeping the trees needs in mind.  We wouldn’t be here without our loyal and growing clientele base. We are long time Boerne residents that take pride in beautifying our community and helping out the local growing population. Thank you for supporting our local, small, family owned business.