March 2nd is Texas Independence Day – Celebrate


This date marks the day the Republic of Texas was born in 1836. While Texas has been part of the United States for over 175 years, leave it to Texans to still celebrate this day. That being said, we didn’t want to miss the chance to celebrate all month long by sharing some fun things about our great Lone Star State!

Texans are friendly

Texas’ name originated from the Caddo Indian word “teycha,” which means friends or allies. The early Spanish transcribed it as “tejas” which would become Texas. Still today our state motto is “Friendship” which accurately represents the southern hospitality we are well known for.

Everything is bigger in Texas

As the 2nd largest state in both area and population, Texas covers 268,596 square miles and is home to approx 30 million people.We also have the countries largest capital building & are home to the highest speed limit in the US – 85 mph!

Texas inventions

You can thank your fellow Texans for coming up with these inventions:Dr. Pepper, Handheld Calculators, Liquid Paper, 3-D Printing, Breast Implants, Frozen Margaritas, Shiner Beer, Ruby Red Grapefruits & Fritos – just to name a few!

Texas has 8 state animals

Once again, Texas says “go big or go home”! Why have one state animal when you could have eight?! These include the Northern Mockingbird, the Nine-banded Armadillo, the Texas Longhorn, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat, the Blue Lacy, the Texas Horned Lizard, the Monarch Butterfly, and the Guadalupe Bass.