Penguin Suits Inc. Advertising Agency Wins 15th International Award – CEO Debi Burrows Earns 2023 Hermes Creative Award


CEO of Penguin Suits Advertising Agency, Debi Burrows, earns yet another International Hermes Creative Award for creative professionals. Awarded by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), Penguin Suits Advertising Agency is recognized for their outstanding work in the industry while promoting marketing and communication. Specifically, the award is for the website design and development of LevTech’s website – www. 

As the owner, Head Storyteller, and Marketing Strategist of Penguin Suits Marketing Agency, it’s no surprise that Mrs. Burrows receives another international award for her success immediately following the company’s recent 20th anniversary celebration. On April 11th, 2023, Mrs. Burrows and the Penguin Suits Team celebrated with The Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce, and the surrounding community. “Receiving this award not even a week after celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary is great validation for my team and I,” says Mrs. Burrows. So, what’s next for Penguin Suits? Mrs. Burrows proudly announces, “We’re excited to explore commercials and even more digital media! Everything nowadays is shifting to digital, and we’re on top of it!” Stay tuned for Penguin Suits’ next inspiring endeavor in the near future! 


Penguin Suits Advertising Agency handles every aspect of business marketing, starting with the strategy, including social media, ad campaigns, websites, printed items, broadcast commercials, public relations, and even trade shows. As Your Marketing Department, Penguin Suits becomes part of your company. Working directly with the business owner, the Penguin Suits team listens to your specific goals for your company and creates an action plan to achieve those goals. The talented and innovative staff are well-educated in web design, SEO, graphic design, social media management, and marketing promotions. Using their creativity and skill, the team at Penguin Suits creates compelling advertising campaigns that will influence your target audience, increase your overall brand awareness, and bottom line.