Chef Robert Carr – Tapatio Springs – DINING


Bringing an Elevated Culinary Experience to Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort

A chef’s culinary style is often a result of their life experiences. The places they have lived, traveled and where they grew up have a tendency to influence their flavors and show up in their signature dishes. Chef Robert Carr has now been at Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort in Boerne for a little over eight months and has brought with him over 25 years of travel and experience at award-winning hotels and resorts that have positioned him as a recognized and respected voice in the industry.

“My career has taken me all over the country, and even the world,” said Carr. “I grew up in Wichita, Kansas and at the age of about sixteen was able to do a formal apprenticeship under a European chef from London. While in Kansas I began working with the Hyatt Corporation which lead to experiences in San Francisco and Carlsbad, Kauai, Hawaii and even the Philippines.”  Most recently, Carr worked at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio and now has found his home at Tapatio Springs. “All of my life travels and adventures have definitely influenced my culinary style. Each time I had the opportunity to take on experiences in new places I jumped at the chance. I always went with a purpose, to keep learning and growing as I immersed myself in the different cultures,” said Carr.

“My wife and I love to travel and do so as often as we can. My son has been to thirty-six different countries. During those travels we have eaten at both local street vendors and many of the top restaurants in the world. Everything I have tasted along the way has given me something to impart in the dishes I create.” 

Travel isn’t the only thing that has influenced the dishes created by Chef Carr. “My Grandma Carr would cook for fifty or more people every Sunday when I was growing up. Several of her dishes, such as her fried chicken and her meatloaf, I will cook up as specials here at La Cascada or offer on the banquet menu. The peach cobbler that we now offer here was a recipe from a friend and mentor that I worked with years ago. It feels good to honor those who have influenced my style of cooking and continue sharing those beloved recipes with others.”

Now at Tapatio, Chef Carr is excited about the creativity that he is allowed in his new position. “I really get to build the culinary program here and put my own stamp on it.” Since being at Tapatio, Chef Carr has redone the banquet/wedding menus, as well as the La Cascada dinner menu and new breakfast and lunch menus are coming soon. According to Carr, “The new dinner menu now has more of a Hill Country Steak House feel. As I move forward, the goal is to focus on sourcing local ingredients and sustainability.” When asked what some of his favorite dishes from the new dinner menu are, he shares that the steaks and the pork belly with grits are on the top of his list!

At home, Chef Carr says he spends a lot of time grilling with the kids. “I really enjoy smoked meats and we also cook a lot of Asian dishes at home.” Carr also adds that he has a true passion for pastries. “I always wanted to be a pastry chef and absolutely love making desserts.” 

The guests and members of Tapatio have responded enthusiastically to Chef Carr’s culinary creations. He has also been implementing new and fun benefits for the members of Tapatio such as Member’s Only Specials on Wednesdays and monthly cooking classes. However, you do not have to be a member to enjoy Chef Carr’s delightful dishes. La Cascada is open to the public, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. 

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