Old Timer – May 2020


AApril, much like March, was weird as hell. Everybody locked up, empty streets, and decimated local small business. While things might be changing by the time you stumble across my monthly rant, I am fairly confident that we are all glad to be free of April.

As I had nothing but time to think this past month, I have also found that there are certain parts of this stupid quarantine that should remain long term. I mean, who hasn’t loved the traffic? I vote that sticks around for a while.

But here are 7 things that need to stick around in Boerne in our post-quarantine world:

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I hope that when you are reading this, the world is turning back on. I hope that you are emerging out into a new world that you might appreciate a bit more. I hope you’re not bankrupt. And I hope you’re healthy. Enjoy this summer, and may we never experience this again.