From The Publisher – May 2020


Dearest EXPLORE Reader,

There are a few movies that I must watch when I stumble across it on my TV channel menu. One is Jaws. One is White Squall (which you probably haven’t seen but MUST), and another is Shawshank Redemption which I know runs eternally on replay on TNT.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a gritty story of two inmates in a 1940s prison who are doing their best to navigate life. One (Andy) is wrongly imprisoned for murder. The other (Red) has been in prison for decades for a killing he committed. He has accepted it. The two are having lunch in the yard one day and the topic of hope comes up. Red bluntly states, “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It’s got no use on the inside. You better get used to that idea.”

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Welcome to May. This is being written in mid-April, so I’m hoping that by the time you get this, the shackles are being loosened and the sun is beginning to shine again. May you EXPLORE like you never have before, may you HOPE that the worst is behind us, and may no good thing ever die in your life.


Benjamin D. Schooley