Survivor’s Story – Natalie Biggers


TThe childhood experience living in the Hill Country has drastically changed over the years and what once brought many newcomers to the area has morphed. For those who moved to Boerne before Walgreens, Taco Cabana and Beall’s, there were dreams of living a simple life, receiving quality education and relishing the joys of country life. These were the tenants recalled by a strong, successful and resilient woman who grew up in Boerne, reminiscing the days when she was a child. Natalie Biggers recalls her fondest memories as a child, “We lived on a couple acres with a lake behind the house.

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Determination and dedication were the waves that kept Natalie afloat, not only as a parent but as a business woman. She has extensive background and experience in real estate and has shared that vigor and talent with her charming, savvy and kind daughter, who, this month graduates from University of Texas-San Antonio with a degree in Real Estate Finance and Development. Congratulations to both Natalie and Avery for demonstrating the power of perseverance, strength, and love. The future is just one step in the right direction.