Beverage – 00 “Double Zero” Wines

by Naaman Rogers Naaman is a Somelier at Thirty Eight & Vine in Boerne and he has 28 years experience in the wine industry.


Burgundian Luxury from Willamette Valley


Wines are a mystery. A myth. The kind of thing you only hear about in hushed tones amongst wine industry professionals. “Rumor has it that they only sell wines through their wine club. You can’t get these wines. The winery doesn’t distribute. Their website is completely useless. It’s just an email address and a phone number. I hear they use the black chardonnay method. I think they make sparkling wines.” Blah, Blah, Blah! The only consistent rumor is this: the wines are amazingly elegant, but impossible to find. Well, they used to be hard to find.

I love well crafted lore. And I would hate to demystify the clearly very well crafted mystique around 00 Wines. Like Mark Twain said, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” So I won’t ruin anything for you. Instead I will offer you some “facts” for you to do with what you please.

  1. 00 Wines is family owned and operated and their mission is to produce the best chardonnay in the new world using old world methods.
  2. 00 produced a wine from the
    legendary chardonnay region Corton-Charlemagne.
  3. 00 Wines was #38 on James Suckling’s Top 100 USA Wines of 2019.

Now I’ve tasted these legendary wines and I could tell you all about the lingering pineapple aroma, or the flinty mineral driven elegance of the 00 VGW (very good white). Or the peach and nectarine aromas that mingle with the saffron and honey suckle essence of the 00 EGW (extremely good white). Or the earthy dried herbal finish of the 00 VGR (very good red). But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can experience the un-experienceable. You can sample the un-sampleable. You can taste myth, mystery and lore for yourself at 38 & Vine. See you soon!



Thirty Eight & Vine
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