By Sierra Sekula

This time of year we are often beginning a fresh set of goals or resolutions. It’s likely that some may be much easier to achieve, enjoy, or adopt than others. If your goals include improving your diet or following an entire eating plan, you might be delighted to find that much of Boerne is right on track with offering tasty options compatible with your goals.


Maintaining a plan can be more difficult when you are juggling tight schedules. Fortunately, healthy can also be to-go at Boerne Nutrition. They offer more than sixty flavors of protein shakes and add seasonal specials to their menu along with refreshing teas. Don’t forget to try their new protein waffles!

Low carb and KETO options are gaining popularity in our homes and restaurants as well and certain substitutes and swaps make all the difference in meeting our goals. Cauliflower is the ever-versatile substitute for both plant-based individuals and low carb seekers alike. Flavor is key with Sauced Wing Bar’s “Veggie Wings” appetizer that could easily be a light meal. Though as Texans, we love our tortilla chips, we love our queso even more. Enjoy it guilt-free with their Queso Blanco with pork rinds or their loaded Queso Lujo.

The ever-popular Heart of Boerne Salad is a savory go-to for many local diners over at The Dodging Duck Brewhaus & Restaurant. You will find their menu boasts multiple options for low carb eaters that will leave you feeling more than satisfied while dining along our beautiful Cibolo Creek. Check out The Dodging Duck’s music lineup and dine along Cibolo Creek as well.

Just a few steps down River Road will take you will find the most wonderful chef-prepared omelets in town at Little Gretel. Voted “Best Breakfast in Boerne”, Little Gretel offers a bit of everything from smoked salmon to parfaits prepared in Chef Denise Mazal’s kitchen. A Boerne staple, be sure to catch the Chef’s specials!

Although it would be ideal to have chef-prepared meals daily, we often find that squeezing a healthy meal in can be easier said than done. Between our regular lives and hectic schedules it isn’t always feasible to order out or we just simply don’t have the time to chop, stir, prepare, marinate, and so on.

Fortunately our Boerne H-E-B understands that and is working to provide meals that are easy to simply place in a pre-heated oven. Their “carb-conscious” options and listed nutritional content make counting simple and the cooking is even simpler. Because they are refrigerated and can be made in minutes, they can be easily implemented for those on the go.

While our resolutions may be more restrictive than other’s, we can’t forget dessert. Call it a cheat, splurge, or whatever you may label it, we have to live a little. Parker’s Ice Cream has sweet treats for both kids and kids at heart. From alcohol-infused to dairy free ice cream, menu features a multitude of flavors and toppings everyone can enjoy.