Super stupid. Super expensive. Super tacky. Christmas Gift Ideas


Sure, you could get your spouse or significant other some sort of really sweet or thoughtful gift for Christmas this year. But what’s the fun in that??


This year, we vote that you just get a little ridiculous with your gift giving so we’ve accumulated a great little guide to some of the most expensive, most tacky, and just goofiest things we’ve stumbled across lately. 



1. Christmas Sweater $59

The ugly Christmas sweater is a classic piece when it comes to tacky gifts and there’s so many to choose from! 

2. Pancake Earrings $10

If you’re looking for a gift for a girl who loves brunch, these are perfect.

3. Really Expensive Gold Gnome $300

If the price tag counts more than the thought, this gold gnome tops the list.

4. Wrist Tool Holder $9.99

Never again will husbands lose small metal screws, bolts or nails while putting together Ikea furniture.

5. Pizza Blanket $31

It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s a blanket, and it’s a pizza.

6. RED Reusalbe Wine Cup $12

Great for when your thirsty, also use them to impress special guests.

7. Bacon Bandages $7.15

Great gag gift for adults, but way too expenisve for kids. 


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