Best Optometrist

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How does it feel winning the BEST OF this year?
It feels humbling to be chosen as the winner of the Best of the Best. Boerne has many excellent Optometrists, and I am grateful to be selected among them.

What do you credit for your victory?
I credit my amazing staff who work very hard every day to make sure that each person they encounter is treated with care and respect. I also credit my loyal patients who have supported me during my 20 years in practice.

What separates you from your competition?
My staff and I try to create a welcoming environment and spend an ample amount of time explaining insurance benefits from the beginning to the end of the exam. We also try to accommodate patients based on their schedules and allow time to work in emergencies on the same day whenever possible.

How have you managed to navigate 2020?
This year has been extremely difficult for most people and business owners. We are fortunate to have a small loyal staff who are very resilient. We are also able to obtain the Payroll Protection Program Loan which helped sustain us during the month of April and the early part of May. Due to the continued growth in Boerne, we have been able to grow our patient base and continue to be very busy.

What is next for your business? Future plans or growth?
We have currently expanded our hours at our location in Fredericksburg by offering appointments all day on Tuesdays instead of half days. We also continue to have an ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Cohn, come to our office on Tuesday afternoons while Dr. Johnson is in Fredericksburg. Dr. Cohn performs cataract surgery and minor procedures.

What are your biggest challenges you see for 2021?
The biggest challenge I see for 2021 is the same as we have had for 2020, which is our economy in this country and in our town. There are still some businesses that have not been allowed to open and there are some that have had to completely close their doors for good. I feel fortunate that Johnson Eye Care is not in that position, and hope that we will not be, but I am concerned for the other people and businesses that have been affected.

What would you like to say to the readers that voted for you?
Thank you so very much!! We are very grateful for your confidence in our service!