Best BBQ

342 N Main St.  |  Boerne, TX 78006  |  (830) 249-8063  |  www.kleinsmokehaus.com

How does it feel winning the BEST OF this year?
We are extremely excited to have been voted BEST OF!   We are grateful that our customers recognize our employees hard work and dedication.

What do you credit for your victory?
The ability to produce and serve a consistent and high quality product.

What separates you from your competition?
Our employees. We are comprised of a long-standing staff with an exceptional work ethic. In addition to producing and serving that consistent and high quality product, they are also able to assist a wide variety of customer requests that we receive daily.

How have you managed to navigate 2020?
The “new normal” of the 2020 pandemic has definitely been a challenge! The call-in/curbside business increased substantially.  Everyone did their part to fill orders and accommodate customers.  We were fortunate to have understanding and patient customers to allow us to best meet their needs.

What is next for your business?
We are hoping to expand with a wider variety of merchandise that appeals to the backyard griller and cook.

What are your biggest challenges you see for 2021?
The continued adjustment to the pandemic and the uncertainty of the true “new normal” could be our biggest challenge for 2021.

What would you like to say to the readers that voted for you?
We are so thankful and grateful for everyone that voted for us. Without faithful, returning customers, it is obvious that we would not be successful.