Best Full Service Jeweler

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How does it feel winning the BEST OF this year?
Our business has been established in Boerne since 1991 and we are so grateful to the community of Boerne and the Texas hill country for their support. It is wonderful to have a tangible reminder of their continued trust in us, especially during this very difficult time.

What do you credit for your victory?
Being in business for 29 years has helped us establish our reputation as a fair and reliable small business in our community. We strive to maintain those standards each and every day. We also pride ourselves in always keeping the customer in mind. If we are offered discounts and special services we always extend those to our customers. In addition, our staff are all considered family and are a central factor in our success. They understand this community and are dedicated and hardworking, giving their best to every customer that comes in.

What separates you from your competition?
There are many great jewelry stores in town. Since we were established, we have always tried to distinguish ourselves by a policy of treating every customer the same, from those who make big purchases to those who stop in for battery changes. We want everyone to feel welcomed in our store. We know that our customers have many options for their jewelry needs and want them to know that we genuinely appreciate each time they choose to do business with us. In addition, our services have expanded greatly to match the growing needs of our community. We offer custom designs, appraisals, diamond and gemstone acquisitions, as well as consignment and buying gold and silver.

How have you managed to navigate 2020?
2020 has definitely been a difficult year for us but we have been proud to be members of a community that has supported and uplifted us. Small business owners in the area helped support each other with business and our community supported us by continuing to come in for services. We had many customers who came in for small repairs that helped keep us afloat even when we were only able to offer curbside. The City of Boerne has also been great by offering the Boerne Strong Stimulus Program Grant.  We were fortunate to be one of the small businesses that was a recipient.

What is next for your business? Future plans or growth?
We strive to expand with our growing community and are always looking towards offering more services. The market is growing for lab created diamonds and we are expanding into the stones and services market as well. We are also exploring new lines from all around the globe to offer in our store. In addition, we will be so glad to continue our other services, including operating on our previous scale and hosting open houses and give away drawings once the crisis period has passed.

What are your biggest challenges you see for 2021?
It will be a challenge for our business to recover from this setback, but our community response has given us hope that we will be able to reach normal operating levels and recover fully, along with others in our community.

What would you like to say to the readers that voted for you?
From the Morrell Jewelry family, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Your support has been what has made our business successful in this town and it means the world to us, especially during this and every other difficult time we have weathered together. We look forward to continuing to serve you.