Old Timer’s Top Picks – BOERNE RESTAURANTS


I like to eat at our local eateries. We have lots of options (and more by the day) and we have a helluva variety of options. From German to BBQ to pizza and everything in between, there’s no excuse to not be able to pick a local option. If you frequent Chili’s…this list is not for you. You can go enjoy your franchise crap here in Boerne or at any other city that features them and we all know they’re identical. But for those of you that enjoy locally owned eateries, this one is for you.



Also relatively new, I really like it just because it’s unique. Wanna feel like you’re in Spain, sipping sangria and listening to some great live music? This is your spot. Gets packed on the weekends, so plan ahead.




This place is a shrine to sandwiches. The building looks rough. There’s no parking. The kitchen is the size of a small closet. But let me tell ya, those guys have been churning out the best damn sandwiches since…well forever. Daily made bread, fresh meats, and just some simple customer service and you’ve got yourself the best lunch you’ve had in a while.

Cypress Grille

These guys have been busting out some amazing food for years and years now and they run a seriously tight ship. The service is top notch, food is fresh and fast, and the décor is fantastic. Try the Calamari. Best in the area.

Dodging Duck

Is there any better beer in town? Keith and his team have been brewing up some of the finest craft brews for 20 years now and they’re popular for good reason. The food is good, but speaking personally, I go for the beer. Stop by during a slower time during a day, belly up to the bar, and loiter with the locals. You’ll learn way more than you’d find on Facebook.

Dog and Pony

I don’t go often simply because the place is designed heavily for families with kids, but they make a mean hamburger and provide a killer patio to have a beer and watch the kiddos play. Oh, and to smile at the young moms. Oh wait, that’ll make me sound like a dirty old man. Well, I am. We still like pretty girls even when we’re old.


Strangely, they’re my pick for salads. They make some amazing salads. This isn’t a shot toward their pizzas at all as I know the place is crazy popular. Just speaking from my own personal history. I hear his Scorpion Sauce is where it’s at.

Little Gretel

Locally owned by long term residents. Gorgeous patio to enjoy some dinner. Freshly prepared food by Chef Mazal (mom). Veronica (daughter) runs the front of the house. A unique menu featuring Czech cuisine, it’s the perfect wayt to wind down a hectic week.

Los Guitarres

Relatively new, these guys are doing things right as evidenced by their fast popularity. It’s Mexican food with a bit of a Spanish twist, complete with Spanish guitar live music on the weekends. I’m a major fan and have been several times this past winter.

Taqueria….Whatever the Hell it’s Called

I can never remember the name of the Mexican food joint on the north end because the name changes quarterly for some unknown reason, but it’s down home cheap ass Mexican food that’s authentic, good, and cheap. Order with the Green Sauce. It’s sublime. Oh, and they make the greatest breakfast tacos in town. Hands down.

Z’s Pizza

For fresh pizza and a craft brew, this is my hang out. Those guys bust out the most ridiculously good pizzas in the area in my opinion. Get the Margharita. And just know that they have one oven, so it can sometimes take a while. More time to drink brews. Slow down, already.


My list is not ranked in any order nor all encompassing. We have a lot of newbies to town and I figured you guys just might need a point in the right direction for grub. There’s lots of great options, so explore. Oh, I wanted to add Compadres Tex Mex. That guy makes the greatest fajitas in the world. And Free Roam Brewing has some amazing beer. See? I could just keep going and going.