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Texas Salt Co. – Profile


Salt is the spice of life. Just a small sprinkle can easily turn a bland, boring dish into something delightfully tasty! And if you think plain ol’ table salt is great, just wait until you try the culinary creations offered by Texas Salt Co. – they’re gonna knock your socks off!

Daniel and Andrew, owners of Texas Salt Co., started the company a few months before the pandemic hit in March of 2020. The pair have a huge respect for individual creativity and share a passion for both creating things and opportunities. Over the years, they would handmake or handcraft Christmas gifts for their family and friends. They have made everything from leather candles, wine, terrariums, soaps and even carved wooden candle holders. It was in October of 2019 that they decided that year they would make smoked salts.

Daniel and Andrew made two salts: a simple mesquite and what would become their renowned, award-winning signature Cowboy Salt – which has now been trademarked for its excellence and uniqueness. The salts were a hit among their family and friends! “We received all sorts of compliments on the flavor and aroma of the salts. Everyone wanted to know how we made them and what was our method, but we decided to keep that secret to ourselves,” said Andrew. “It was then that we knew our product had huge potential.”

“We spent the next year perfecting our methods, recipes and brand,” said Daniel. In late 2021, Texas Salt Co. launched its array of smoked salts. Since then, the new product ideas just keep coming and they have launched several different lines including one-of-a-kind smoked pepper infused salts, cocktail salts, smoked cracked peppercorn and their most recent beer salts. Currently they offer 45 different flavors of salts and fifteen varieties of peppercorns that include the basics to the hard-to-find varieties. They even offer Habanero, Ghost, and Scorpion Dried Pepper Pods.

The products from Texas Salt Co. are cold smoked with real Texas hardwoods – no pellets. The salt used is kosher flake sea salt that is all-natural and produced from the crisp, clean waters of the Pacific Ocean and contains the least amount of salinity. According to Andrew, “We have spent copious amounts of time selecting the perfect salt for our smoked salt varietals. The salt crystals are shaped like small, hollow pyramids enabling us to capture the most smoke flavor possible.” The salt used is never refined, enabling Texas Salt Co. to retain its natural trace minerals, with zero additives or chemical processing. There are no fillers or anticaking agents. It is truly an all-natural, organic compliant, and allergen free product.

Texas Salt Co. also offers a Travel Series. Most of the salts in this collection are harvested from different areas of the world and allow you to travel the globe without leaving home while you explore salts from Africa to New Zealand!

They also offer Smoked Salts, Salts with Heat, Culinary Salts, Gourmet Salts and Pure Salt. According to Daniel, “We smoke all of our salt for up to seven days, depending on the wood, to give you the best flavor in the smallest pinch of salt. When you open a jar of smoked salts, you will be amazed by the smell. These salts are a must try. Our Salts with Heat range from mild like our Chile Lime Smoked Salt, our version of Tajin smoked over pecan wood, to burning hot like our Scorching Scorpion Smoked Salt. Our Salts with Heat are cold smoked over Texas pecan wood to give it an extra smoky heat flavor that you won’t forget.”

Their award-winning Cowboy Salt is cold smoked over their proprietary hardwood for nearly a week for maximum exposure. They generously add garlic and fresh rosemary to really bring out the complexity of this special blend. Its essence upon opening is superb. When used as a finishing salt it tends to bring that smoky sweetness out in almost any dish. This specialty salt goes great with really anything, whether it be poultry, pork, beef, even seafood and lamb.

Currently, Texas Salt Co. is producing about 120 pounds of product per week in four custom built smokers that run 24-hours a day. They plan to increase production by opening a manufacturing facility in Bandera that they will begin construction on in April. “Once this is up and running, we will be able to scale to about 500 pounds of product per week.”

Looking forward, Daniel and Andrew have big plans in store. They will be introducing a beef jerky like product, Biltong, which will be available in two flavors, seasoned with Texas Salt Co. products of course! They also have a Cowboy Butter they will be bringing to market soon and plans for a cookbook are in the works.

The Texas Salt Co. products are available at their beautiful storefront, located at 206 Main Street in Bandera. They also have products in the The Shoppes at 222 in Boerne, inside Belle & Union in San Antonio and at Beef & Bones Meat Market in Kingsville. You can shop directly from their website as well.