The Big Red Barn – Kerr County Produce – Profile


Do you know about the Big Red Barn? Each Wednesday, Kerr County Produce opens their doors to the public and offers a vast array of fresh fruits and vegetables to the community at wholesale prices. “We started doing this as a service to the community, but as it turns out it has been a blessing for us as well. The atmosphere here on Wednesdays is just fantastic. There is a real sense of community. People come not just to buy produce, but also as an opportunity to socialize,” said Wiley Rains, owner of Kerr County Produce. “We trade recipes, they enjoy our friendly employees, and everyone just has a good time.”

In addition to the friendly comradery, the display of gorgeous fruits and veggies is very impressive. “Our customers always comment on the wonderful aroma that fills the air,” said Rains. 

Kerr County Produce has been in business for over 40 years, supplying produce to local restaurants. They source their products locally when available, but also bring in fruits and veggies from all over the United States. Each week they have a different variety of produce available depending on the season. 

Customers are encouraged to bring their own bags and have the option to shop for specific items or pick up a pre-filled bag of goodies! According to Wiley, “We started offering the pre-filled bags during Covid as an easier way to get groceries. Many customers still enjoy the convenience of it, and it is a great deal. $20 gets you a 20-pound bag of assorted fruits and vegetables that you and your family can enjoy all week!”