REFLECTIONS: Affirmations by Tim Warlow


Can you believe its already November?

Just yesterday I was drinking champagne, counting down from 10 and toasting to the new year, hopeful 2022 would bring better fortune to society at large than the previous two years. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, as the temperatures begin to drop and you stop sweating on the jaunt from your car to the air conditioned home, I personally start to feel lighter. Regardless of whats happening in the world November and December are times to be grateful, spend time with family and count our blessings from the past year.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you my list of affirmations that I reflect on weekly, or even daily, when I am feeling overwhelmed by the external, uncontrollable factors towering over me. These words are special to me, they comprise nearly my entire belief system and my hope is that you may find some solace, strength and gratitude to push through the end of this year. Here they are:

First, you are a collection of atoms with a unique consciousness, sent for no purpose other than to witness the universe, to reflect its light, and to understand nothing, to only experience and create.

You have to power to change anything you want, but that power starts by changing your mind.

Many people before you have accomplished incredible things, yet are still not remembered or remarkable. Do not hope for fame, for even legends fade.

Your mission in life is to create a sustainable lifestyle, escape a rat race, take control of money, create beauty, add value to others lives, shelter the vulnerable, clothe the naked, give food to the hungry, and live every day like it were your only one.

Growth and change are your only options, but success comes from constantly executing your mission.

Your work does not define you. Money does not define you. Material possession don’t define you. You take none of that with you when you die. The only thing that matters is the impact you have on others, the relationships you build and the legacy you leave behind.
You are not responsible for anyone else’s growth, acceptance, forgiveness, misdeeds, struggles, weakness or strength. The best way to lead is by example of your results, your outcomes derived from your own unique struggle. Show the world what it takes to achieve and they will follow you endlessly.

Treat emotion as a warning and not a truth. Nothing is good or bad lest the mind makes it so. Reason is the only truth, emotion is a distraction from truth.

Creating is the greatest gift you can give. Creating entertainment, creating change, creating platforms for others growth are the highest forms of impact.

So be legendary. Be thoughtful in your words, conscientious in your actions, purposeful in your passion and unrelenting in your pursuit of greatness. Have intention for your mission in every conversation, every share, every next step and every interaction.

Take care of your body, mind, spirit, finances and relationships, this makes the whole of your existence and experience.

Go forth with love, compassion and intensity.

Go out and make shit happen.