How to Get Your Irish On


How to Get Your Irish On St. Patricks Day

1. Skip the green beer.
Order a Guinness on tap like a Real Irishman!

2. Order an Irish Coffee.
It’s a great way to start your celebration and it will give you that energy you will need to party all night!

3. Wear a kilt.
Yes it is ok to wear it with a cowboy hat! What a great time to show off those Bonny knees!

4. Learn to play the Tin Whistle!
It’s a cheap instrument at around $15 and you can easily learn simple songs that will amaze your pub mates.

5. Wear Green and act a little crazy!
This is a day when you don’t have to dress conservatively. Go all out!

6. Learn to Irish Dance!
Don’t be a wallflower when the jigs and reels start playing. Go on YouTube and learn a basic step or two so you can get your groove on!

On St. Patrick’s Day, here’s how you can avoid being pinched:

1. You MUST be WEARING green. Green nails, hair, face paint, stickers, etc. don’t count. The green must be part of your clothing.
2. Your green MUST BE VISIBLE to avoid being pinched. The only way your green undergarments will count is if you’re showing them. At that point, you may be facing bigger problems than getting pinched.
3. Just because you don’t “celebrate” St. Patrick’s Day, doesn’t mean you’re excluded. Pinches are blind & only see green or the lack thereof.
4. Pinchers may pinch someone not wearing green as many times as he/she wants, but are totally responsible for any consequences that may come with over pinching. HOWEVER, if a pincher pinches someone that IS wearing green, they are allowed to pinch them back 10x per pinch.
5. How hard you pinch is up to you (as we mentioned in the previous rules, consequences may vary) but try not to bruise anyone. Pinching is fun, not abuse.
6. Last, but not least, have FUN with it. No one likes anyone who takes pinching too seriously, so go easy and enjoy this super fun holiday and DON’T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR GREEN!